Heatwave! Time for Herby Coconut Rice with Mango Plus Lots of Flesh

We have a heat wave coming this weekend in sunny Blighty. The Met Office recommends staying indoors (to avoid the sun), turning off non-essential electrical items (they generate heat) and closing the curtains.

What is causing this response (which sounds more like ‘what to do in the event of a nuclear holocaust’)? Temperatures of 30 centigrade (86 fahrenheit). I mean it’s not exactly catastrophic levels is it?

I remember we took the kids to the south of France one year. As we got off the plane we were blasted by a wave of heat. The youngest turned to me and said ‘Dad, is that the engine?’ to which I replied ‘No son, that’s just hot’. We sweltered for four days. Could hardly move it was so hot.

So with that experience in mind I may well say ‘balls to the ‘Elf & Safety’ brigade and ‘chuck another prawn on the barbie’. With some rice.


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Adventures in Barbequing – Baked Sweet Potatoes With Chipotle Chilli Butter

A couple of weeks ago we rescued our gas-fired barbecue from my parents house where it had been settling nicely into a moss covered wall. It had been there, unused, for 2 years; the insides and gone beyond putrefied (fossilised would be a better description) and the grate was fairly rusty.


WWII BBQ found in the Ukraine….honest

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Sticky Juicy Ribs with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Did I mention the time I had Roast Beef ‘States-Style‘? It reaffirmed to me that if you want to eat meat then you need to take some cues from our cousins over the water. Believe me US Roast Beef is nothing like the dried up leather Grandma served up on a Sunday in the good old days.

Anyway I decided to try my hand at another classic piece of Americana – Spare Ribs.

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