Burgers in Brioche Buns

***Warning: this post contains evidence of a baking fail***

What a surprise. I don’t really get baking. Hot hands and a cold heart maybe.

Anyway, one thing I always liked about American restaurants and bars is that they serve up burgers in a brioche bap. Makes the whole burger thing that little more decandent.

Now in the UK you can get brioche loaves. You can get brioche finger rolls. You can get brioche with chocolate and brioche with jam. You can get things that are almost baps but they are called cholla (they even taste the same as brioche).

But for someone like me, suffering raging OCD, that will not do. I want brioche baps. So I decided to make my own. And that meant yeast. And that meant ‘oh dear’.

Brioche Compared

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

What does baking conjure up in your mind? Fluffy, moist, sweet morsels of deliciousness? Or dry, burnt, deflated crumbs of despair?

Well I tend towards the latter but decided that, having gotten a bit bored of cooking lumps of flesh in various sauces, that I would return to the old nemesis – baking…

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