If You’re British Boston Beans Taste a Whole Lot Better Than Boston Tea

Now I love Baked Beans. But they have to be Heinz. I had a friend at school who’s father would eat cold beans, straight out of the tin, at every meal they had at home. Like they were a condiment. That’s wrong really isn’t it.

For purists of course beans out of a tin (hot or cold) are as bad as mashed potato out of a packet or instant coffee. So I thought I’d have a look at how to make ‘real beans’. And for real beans I plumbed for ‘Boston Beans’.

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What to feed the kids when they’re doing your head in.

Arsenic. Not really. Only joking. How about something that is filling, reasonably nutritious and delicious on a wintry night? Its got to be baked potatoes with bacon, beans and cheese. (Don’t forget to omit bacon for vegetarian household members).

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