Essential Autumnal Fare – Beef Braised in Red Wine

This week we have seen snow storms in the Mid West United States. Seems as though they have hit Winter head on and not bothered with the Fall. One of my previous managers at work hailed from North Dakota and liked to explain how in those parts Spring and Fall could last about 5 minutes – it seemed to go from sweltering heat to freezing blizzards overnight.

Well over here in good ol’ Britain we like to make a major palava out of our weather. In fact this year we are still waiting for Autumn to arrive. It’s T-shirt weather still. But we are gearing up for a good hard blast of Mr Freezy. It’s the way it works. You have to pay the (weather) piper at some point.

So this creation doesn’t really feel right for an evening where it’s still 17 Centigrade. But who cares. Maybe I can package it up and ship it off to those poor folks in South Dakota…


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Ultimate Comfort – Pesto Pasta

Now I’ve seen a lot of  ‘comfort food’ on blogs in the past couple of weeks. But for the ultimate comfort food there can be only one solution – Pesto Pasta. It’s quick, easy and you can make it whilst sipping on a small glass of Chardonnay without disastrous results (which is more than can be said for Steak and Kidney Pudding).

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