WordPress Stats Anomalies and Mysteries

Has anyone experienced this phenomenon? Sudden increases in page views? Not matched by increases in visitor numbers?

It happens occasionally:


Usually I get 2 or so pages viewd by each visitor to Happiness Stan. But then it will shoot up to 8 or so.

I’ve noticed that the vast majority of these views are for the Homepage/archive. Is this spam? Now don’t get me wrong, I like the stats – it’s the reason I blog, so I’m not complaining about lots of views.

But I don’t think this is someone pouring through the blog, reading every post, laughing hysterically and dribbling over the various food related ponderings.

I don’t fancy going on those wordpress discussion forums, everyone seems to be a bit ‘tetchy’ on them and of course Google never quite comes up with the answer you’re looking for (to paraphrase Obi-Wan)

I just don’t know what it is; any ideas?



29 thoughts on “WordPress Stats Anomalies and Mysteries

  1. Hi Trixfred30! Long time.I dot commed my blog and it was all too much for me for about a year and I am glad to say I am putting my back into it again and shaping up. On that phenomenon, I think it is genuine. Say a fay has not been to your site in 3 weeks or 3 months and remembers a recipe they wanted to try so they just keepp scrolling down till they find it. I find when this happens and I look in the web address, even though I only scrolled down and not clicked next page, the page number updates. If you know what I mean. Nice to see you still here πŸ™‚

  2. You have your regular daily readers that read the most recent homepage post and then you have people like me that come about once a week and then read 6-8 different posts. That kind of activity would explain the numbers.

  3. Hmmm…first, you have to have that many viewers to start with which is not something I experience. Second, you have to have a lot of posts for someone to read, something I’m working on. Next, you have to have something worthwhile reading and good photos. Still working on that one, too. I guess you’re just that kind of guy. πŸ™‚
    Seriously, we have never encountered more than 1.76 hits per viewer in the 3+ years we have had REMCooks.com up and running. During the day it may get as high as 3 hits per viewer but by the end of the day it has evened out. Typically, it averages around 1.35 hits per viewer per day. Of course, we have a single recipe that is very popular and accounts for 40% of the total hits on the blog. I guess most people aren’t interested in anything else we have to say. I guess we really need to work on that, too. πŸ˜‰

  4. I noticed a couple of times & the only time that I found one reason was because my daughter kept going back to re-read the post. One thing I might consider is that this seems to fall under the category of “technology” and we know the kind of luck you’ve been having with that lately.

  5. I too have seen it Sensai, and have thought…..mmmm….whilst I too would love to think that people are reading every delightful word I have written, I am doubtful. I have noticed some from referrers listed on my stats page as coming from best.seo.offer. I clicked on it and it looks like spam (not the kind that Gary Lum is fond of) to me? But that only started happening recently. Is the answer to this mystery written in the next Star Wars movie? Perhaps…..

    • Don’t you like it when you publish a post and before you can blink, you’ve got 4 “likes” already??
      Seriously, read the post.
      There are time when I put something COMPLETLEY off the wall in a post just to see if anyone catches it.

      • Yeah, I am hard core old school, I don’t be ‘liking’ unless I be reading. Good idea, except most of my posts contain a certain element of natural rambling crap so it would be hard for anyone to tell. 😁

  6. We could put it to the test? Let me know when you are ready -check your stats first – then I’ll go back to your home page and go through 10 posts from your home page to see what happens!

  7. I’ve noticed too but not really paid that much attention. I wondered if it’s someone who found you blog on a certain article then decided to have a browse. If i do that i click the homepage then browse from there

  8. I have also noticed the phenomenon. My theory – just a theory, understand – is that the difference represents a few individuals looking speparately at the various images from your blog. Long ago, I asked WordPress if it was some sort of spam, and they assured me it was legitimate and evidence of great interest in your blog.

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