Meatloaf and a Social Media Meltdown

Before I commence I would like to bitch and moan. I have been blogging for something like 3 1/2 years. WordPress is easy and straightforward. You write some blurb. Then you open the file of photos you have to hand and just drag them into the media loader.

When I got a Mac last year it got even easier. It let you drag a photo straight into the text. Couldn’t be easier. Then last month Apple buggered about with the photo app and now I can’t drag anything into anything. I feel like throwing the whole lot in the bin. But I am sucked in. I’m paying WordPress $99 a year for some reason. I’m paying Apple £3 a month for iCloud and I don’t even know what the hell for. I just paid Microsoft £108 to use Word on a Mac which I don’t need but feel compelled to have ‘just in case’.

So I can’t really throw anything in the bin. And if anyone can throw me a bone here, so to speak, explain how to make everything work nice and easy like it used to (in the good old days) then please do let me know…

Anywhoooooo. Meatloaf. Never made one but they look so damned tasty I had to give it a go…


Eagle-eyed readers might at this point be wondering why I am complaining about not being able to insert pictures into a post when I obviously just did. Well its a ‘work-around’. I do it all the time at work. It’s a bodge. A make-do.

For this particular meatloaf we’ll be serving with a homemade BBQ sauce. And some extremely unhealthy carrots. And a bit of mash.


  • 1lb beef mince
  • 1lb pork mince
  • 16 or so rashers of bacon (good and streaky, none of that back stuff)
  • bunch thyme
  • bunch flat leaf parsley
  • slice soda bread
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 onions
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 tsp mustard powder
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/4 cup milk

Firstly whizz the bread in a food processor. Add the milk to the crumb and let it soak in.


Now combine the bread with all the other ingredients…


Now the fun bit. Purloin a 2 pint loaf tin and line it with bacon. Just reading that makes my mouth water…


Press the meaty contents into the tin…


Finally wrap the ends of the bacon over the meatiness to seal it in nicely…


It looks good enough to eat and it isn’t even cooked! Wrap with foil and bake in the oven for about 1 1/2 hours at 160 centigrade.


Meanwhile you can get the carrots ready. Peel some large carrots but leave them whole. Get a large pan and bring some water to the boil. Add a massive amount of butter, a tbsp of salt and a tbsp of sugar and a couple of star anise to the pan and reduce to a simmer. Add the carrots and cook slowly for about 40 mins…


Mmm. Carrots. Now remove the meatloaf from the oven.


(I think I stuck under the grill for a couple of mins to brown it up a bit). Looks promising anyway. I made a homemade BBQ sauce which was okay but looked a bit too much like a lumpy tomato sauce but tasted good.


Unsurprisingly this didn’t last long. The addition of potatoes and carrots might seem counter-intuitive to a good old-fashioned meatfeast but it kind of created an all-around comfort food winner…


So if the ‘interweb’, ‘social media’, ‘connectivity’ and myriad other ‘modern’ irritations get too much, well just make this ‘old-fashioned’, ‘traditional’, ‘faire’. It’s much tastier than Facebook, and less pointless than Twitter….


23 thoughts on “Meatloaf and a Social Media Meltdown

  1. Also at a loss. I use all of the “i” stuff and I lately type out the written stuff on the mac and then switch over to ipad to upload photo’s. Gave up on trying to do the damn photo’s on mac. Then all photo’s are supposed to be stored in icloud according to my settings on all devices but it is most definitely damnwell not. Unless I am more stupid than usual.

    • I downloaded 7k of photos to iCloud so i can access them on my Dell. It doesnt work. However if you log into in a browser they are all there. Its all a mess. Apple are a law unto themselves. So no I don’t believe you are being stupid…

  2. I’m glad you’re braving the Internet to share your meatloaf!! Looks delicious. My personal favorite WP malfunction is when I try and upload 15 photos and 3 or so have unknown errors. They’re always the key photos I really want to use too…

  3. I read the pre release notes on ‘Pictures’. Your stuff now goes straight to he cloud. Naturally, you will have to pay a small rental for the space your photos occupy. Think about it, if you are 40 or so, you will be renting space to hold your photos for another 40 years. Then you die.

    On the upside, if you continue to make bacon wrapped meatloaf and butter infused carrots, you will be paying less rent.

  4. Sorry I can’t help you with your Mac problems. I don’t use iPhoto or Photos on my MacBook. I save my photographs to the hard drive from my camera’s memory card (after some processing in Adobe Lightroom) and then import them into the media importer in WordPress.

    MS Word for Mac is okay and as you say expensive. On my MacBook I rely on Pages which is interoperable with MS Word and unless you need the full power of MS Word is adequate. The alternative would be Google drive, so long as you’re on-line you can use Google Docs to write and save and again it’s interoperable with MS Word.

    The meatloaf looks good. I like the bacon wrapping. Gaps would be a fail, the intersecting bacon which means more bacon is a win. Never listen to someone who says that gaps in a container of bacon is acceptable.

    • So you bypass the apps and just load them in from a folder? Why do you do that.

      Also re the bacon – I double wrapped to ensure zero leakage. And there was no leakage!

      • I use Adobe Lightroom as my photograph manage tool. I store all the images on a separate hard drive so that the relatively small hard drive on the MacBook Air isn’t clogged with photographs.

        Bacon, double ply, the new all purpose sealing agent! Genius.

  5. Well now isn’t this a coincidence! Not the meatloaf – I make that all the time. About the photos!!!! I just took a bunch of photos on my Canon camera at my daughter’s shower yesterday & plugged the camera in to my Macbook – AS I ALWAYS HAVE – and I can see the pictures…right there! But when I go to send them in an email, FB, or try to actually access them they’re nowhere to be found. They’re not under Photos, Downloads, All Files – nothing except in this silly thing I think they may be calling Photo Booth, whatever the hell that is. I’m so mad (especially since I’ve had my head buried in books trying to learn Photoshop).

    I’ll let you know what I find out on Thursday though because I spent $99 for free one on one consults at the Apple store – unlimited times that I can go to ask dumb questions. I booked a session to see if they can tell me what happened & why I can’t access my photos all of a sudden. if you got any specific questions, let me know & I’ll ask them since I’m going anyway.

    You know when something’s working why do they have to “improve” it? Grrrrr….thats my rant.

      • Thank you! The shower was really fun and I think it was the first shower I’ve gone to where people weren’t looking at their watches waiting to beat feet outta there. Could be the open wine bar (we had it at a winery in Boston).

    • Yes please please let me know – I think Apple do things without properly checking that they work. If they don’t work they wait until enough people complain. But no one is complaining online yet – not that I can find anyway. It maybe user error but I’m neither good nor bad at computers so If i can’t do it…

      • I’ve got my session on Thursday and I did the same as you after reading your comment. I figured if you were having problems and I was that surely someone else was out there complaining. The only thing I found was something about a change they’re making with the amount of storage for the cloud and somehow it would affect people storing photos but I know that’s not the case with me.

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