Venison Steak with Salsa

This is the most virtuous food creation I will blog about this year.

Ironically I made it last year, but thought it most appropriate to write about now, given most of us are weeping quietly into our bowls of whole grain green smoothie granola, wondering why we can’t show a little restraint during the festive period, in order to mitigate the feeling of helplessness that decends when the belt buckle laughs silently, as we try to reach the third hole, when everyone of those holes knows it’s the fourth’s turn (again).

But fear not. As all those cookery books, celebrity chefs and worthy websites constantly reinforce – you can eat low calorie, healthy, balanced meals that are also filling and delicious. There are phrases for those kinds of claims. But I’m not typing them. It’s a New Year’s resolution. No rude words. Trying to clean my act up. That, and whenever I write a rude word I seem to lose 10 Twitter followers. Which makes my overall follower numbers go up and down like a whore’s drawers. Oops, I did it again.

Any-who, you can get lucky. Here’s a recipe that’s so easy and quick I should have had to pay for it. Vension with Salsa. I reckon it’s got about 10 calories. Not even lying.


Venison is very low fat and tasty too. (Just try not to think about Bambi). It tastes a bit like liver. And the sharpness of the citrusy salsa (no oil) cuts through the richness of the meat.

  • two vension steaks, lightly rubbed with olive oil and seasoned well
  • one red onion, finely chopped
  • one red chilli, chopped
  • fourteen cherry tomatoes (no more, no less), quartered
  • bunch coriander, chopped
  • juice of one lime


First prepare the salsa. Combine the ingredients above (except the venison, obvs). Stick in the lime juice last, its more aesthetically pleasing that way…


Put your colourful (but nutritionally valueless) salsa to one side and prepare the venison. Heat a skillet till smoking then fry the meat on each side for a couple of minutes…


Now simply slice the venison across the grain…


Arrange on a warm plate with a big spoonful of salsa.


I wonder whether I can keep this going beyond January.

16 thoughts on “Venison Steak with Salsa

  1. I didn’t put on an ounce over Christmas of course, but wouldn’t you know it, all my trousers seem to have shrunk in the wash. Even the ones still hanging in the wardrobe. Typical. Love the venison – a favourite of mine…..

  2. I haven’t had venison in decades, ever since my neighbor gave up hunting. Yeah, it’s hard not to picture Bambi especially when I have 4-6 of them in my hard at any one time. I think they know a safe haven since I’m out in the boondocks & once hunting season starts they seem to move in with me. Frankly I’m not too crazy about walking outside either with those drunken idiots out there with guns. When venison’s done well it’s a great tasting meat.
    Why would you ever give up rude comments? It’s the first thing I look for in your posts! Oh…are your kids making you put money in a jar every time you come out with one?

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