Amazing New Kitchen Tool That Will, Well, Amaze You

There are so many amazing gadgets for the kitchen, it can be difficult to prioritise. Is a KitchenAid more practical than a Magimix? Is a breadmaker more useful than an ice-cream maker?

My wife buys me kitchen related toys and gadgets, she like watching me rush into the kitchen with a new device and start rustling up creations. So it was with some not insignificant anticipation that I awaited her return from the Post Office with a ‘surprise package’.

I eagerly tore open the cardboard box and was presented with this.


I kid ye not. This, friends, is a kitchen utensil. But what, dear readers, is it? What does it do? Let’s start by giving it a name. It, or rather he, is a ‘Bogey Man’.


He is something akin to a malformed mug. Maybe he is for drinking tea?


He is a utensil for one of these:


Why? What? Where? Well you break an egg into the Bogey Man.


Well then maybe you cook your egg in the Bogey Man? No no. He’s called Bogey Man for a reason (everything happens for a reason, right?)

Well Bogey Man is an egg yolk separator. And he does it in a particularly interesting way…


Yum! Yes you put the egg in the cup and then pour the albumen out of the nostrils, leaving the yolk in the cup. Brilliant. Inventive. Innovative. All those things. Mind you he needed a bit of help…


And he blew a few bubbles…


But in the end we had separated our egg.


Only problem was I hadn’t thought of what to do with my newly separated egg. Until I remembered another kitcken utensil I got for Christmas:


My very own sunshine-and-cloud fried egg maker. So that’s what I did.


Ooooh. Bit of leakage.


And of course I broke the bloody egg.

Who needs a KitchenAid? I’ve got a Bogey Man!


31 thoughts on “Amazing New Kitchen Tool That Will, Well, Amaze You

  1. OMG’sh that is the best and worst thing ever! I have a huge aversion to snot for some reason and yet, I feel so compelled to own one of these! Must be the mom of all boys thing – thanks for the laugh!!

  2. Well I guess now that your kids are older you need someone’s nose to wipe. After searching long and hard I finally found an egg separator but alas, it is just a boring old egg separator. This gadget does remind somewhat of a Neti Pot. Don’t know if you have them over there but if you ever really want a thorough nasal cleansing I guess this is the thing (I hear people have tried it with coffee and whiskey but that’s not recommended.

    • It reminds me of Toby Mugs my Grandparents had. They were ceramic pint pots people used to drink ale out of – kind of caricatures of old dears with pipes and things like that

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