Vegetarian BBQs

Sums it all up.


Now my wife is a good sport. I couldn’t resist this birthday card for her, even though I feared a potential negative reaction. But she took it well…

And, not to labour the point, which I now will because I’m not at work; ‘Vegetarian Barbeques’. It’s one of those oxymorons no? Like ‘marketing intelligence’ or ‘German comedian’ or ‘benevolent Russian leadership’.


17 thoughts on “Vegetarian BBQs

  1. Happy birthday to your wife & I wish I could find that card over here for someone I know who keeps trying to force humus on me. i’m sure it’s just wonderful stuff but every time I put it into my mouth…I don’t know why but it just needs to come right back out – texture?

  2. You are so right. Even vegetarian humans used to be an oxymoron, as our forefathers starting to eat meat is what made us evolve into humans (rather than staying apes) in the first place.

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