War Horse W(h)ine

Have you heard of War Horse? It’s a book, that was turned into a play, that was turned into a film.

My wife (she of the always original, always excellent birthday gifts), treated me to a visit to the New London Theatre (which is at least 40 years old) to see the play.

Amazing. Its about a horse and a boy that end up on the front line in World War I. The boy was played by a boy. Not surprising. But the horse was played by two actors manipulating a massive horse shaped frame; they were brilliant – they made the contraption move like a horse and you actually forgot you weren’t watching an actual horse.

But naturally this blurb is not about the play, the horse, or my 34th birthday (ha! ha!). No this was about the intermission refreshments.

Now the wife is not only an excellent picker of surprises, she also has a handy knack of picking perfect seats; right by the exit, which was right by the loos, which were right by the stairs, which led right to the bar. Perfect! And that’s where we headed at half-time. To purchase this…


So what’s the big deal about a glass of wine I hear you yawn. What, you don’t like drinking wine out of a plastic beaker? Are you some kind of nonce?

No, no. I will drink (and in fact have drunk) wine out of a paper cup. Or off the carpet. No look at the bill. Let me show you…photo

That’s two plastic beakers of wine for £20. That’s $33. I mean seriously.

But less of the moaning. Wine is wine. And as my Grandmother used to say ‘Wine is mine, ne’er the vessel from whence it shine’ which is bullshit, as you have probably worked out. For a start my Grandmother never went near wine.

Bloody good show though.


23 thoughts on “War Horse W(h)ine

  1. Now that was a terrific birthday gift…much better than socks. I imagine at those prices you might not drink very much wine. It does seem a little bit pricey although I’m not surprised since these places really do have a captive audience.

  2. Hi I seen the movie .There is an Movie out and it is so wonderful. The horse finds his owner again:) Funny how the Germans and I think British one point stop fighting and play I think a game to see who wins him. I have the movie in my collection. Blue ray thou;)

  3. “Wine is mine, ne’er the vessel from whence it shine’”
    Love that quote.

    Here is another:
    “If all be true that I do think, There are five reasons why men drink, Good wine, a friend, or being dry, Or lest we should be by-and-by, Or any other reason why.”
    –Henry Aldrich ‘Five Reasons for Drinking’.

    Cheers and Happy B’day!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!
    Wow that IS steep!! Out here it can be anywhere from $5-$12 (CAD) a glass depending on how fancy you get. Ahh the things we do for booze 🙂
    I would have seriously stocked up on those jumbo cashews! That seemed like a good deal.
    That show sounds amazing, makes me wish we were closer to a theatre.

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