Magimix Mayo – Jingle Bells!

Oh joy. After several years of comments, reminders, suggestions and telekinetic mind control, I got the Christmas present I always wanted. Santa (sorry I mean the Mrs, for those of you cynics who no longer believe a big hairy man with large red balls tries to get down your chimney every year) delivered. A Magimix.


I was informed, after I had sat staring at my Magimix for a while, that the elongated waiting period had been deliberate – because without the use of labour saving devices my culinary skills has been honed (not to perfection, no one in the room said I had honed anything to perfection) to the point where I could now cut things up and whisk things together; a device simply speeded things up, but didn’t cut corners.

So what to do? What to make to break in (not literally obviously) this new shiny device? Shiny, and heavy by the way. No crumby universal motor here. This is an induction motor. WTF I hear you yawn. Well this thing is built to last. 12 years, guaranteed. And it’s heavy – weighs the same as about 12 bottles of wine. Maybe.

I plumbed for mayonnaise, again. I made this before.

But the Magimix is designed to make this kind of thing much quicker. Before I had to stick a bowl on a towel in a rubber tray to keep it in place while I whisked. With the Magimix I did it all with one hand in a couple of mins. Easy!

You will need


  • 1 Magimix
  • 300 mls oil (mix of vegetable and olive oil)
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • Salt and pepper

First put the egg yolks, mustard and 1 tbsp of the oil in the small bowl and whizz for 20 secs


Now slowly add the oil in a drizzle as you continue to whizz.


I like this big shiny thing. It has three buttons. Stop, Go and Pulse. It works out how fast or slow to whizz based on what it is whizzing. That’s France for you. They are very clever but they don’t let on (P.S this thing is made by French scientists somewhere in France).

After you have seasoned whizz a bit more.


Meanwhile the Mrs was sorting out the next few days of Christmas spirit. BTW check the T-shirt. If you watched Breaking Bad you’ll know what that T-shirt is about.

Back to the mayo. Perfect. Much fluffier than the hand made version. Lasted for days!


27 thoughts on “Magimix Mayo – Jingle Bells!

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  2. Awesome present & well deserved! As soon as you mentioned how heavy it is & the problem with your old one method of a bowl on a towel in a tray reminds me of what I don’t like about my stand mixer & why a spanking new Kitchenaid might be better. Every time I try to mix dough, my current mixer takes a walk across the counter. I’ve tried putting it on this rubber mat, but it still takes off on me.
    Looks like your wife has the same idea that I had – you cannot BELIEVE the bargains I got this past Sunday! Why, the stores were practically GIVING stuff away & I had to take some off their hands or someone else might have grabbed it.

      • Well funny story about a Kitchen Aid mixer. My daughter sent me a link to a site that was having a super sale on them. I thought I’d get that for her for Christmas & ordered it. Then her laptop shat the bed & I got her a new Apple for Christmas. So I’ve been debating…I’ve got this awesome mixer in my closet (which she saw) & she doesn’t have room for in her tiny apartment. I thought maybe I’d save it for a wedding gift but seeing as she’s not engaged yet, we talked about me giving it a test drive. Have made the move of the mixer from my closet to my kitchen but I’m considering it.

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