Emergency Pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern

It’s 3 O’Clock on Halloween. We have pumpkins. We have fake blood. We have sweets and chocolate. And we have to go trick-or-treating. So we have to get busy. First off we need a Jack-o’-lantern (that word is not easy to type BTW).

So busy we got. Preparation is the key. Scaring children is the objective! So to get to this:


From this:


You first need to draw out a template. Get a piece of A4 paper, fold it and draw out your design on one half:


Fold the paper over and trace out the lines on the other side:

Cut out your design with scissors and then use selloptape to secure the template onto the pumpkin:


Run a biro around the template to transfer the design to the pumpkin:


Slice off the top of your Lantern-to-be. Gouge out the innards with your hands and a spoon:


Now use a very thin serrated knife (like an evil letter opener) to slice out the eyes and mouth:


Wipe off any remaining biro marks and pop a tea light into the brain cavity:


Now turn off the lights. Evil Jack-o’-lantern appears!


Now send out the minions to gather treats while you hold the fort with a tin of sweets should any foolhardy soul dare to knock…(yes one of them is wearing a plastic bag on his head)


Happy Halloween folks!


9 thoughts on “Emergency Pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern

  1. Excellent job with that pumpkin (see you talked me out of typing that jack o’ phrase) so I’ll stick w/pumpkin. Most of the kids from our neighborhood have moved on to college so we get very few trick or treaters here although there’s a new neighborhood of houses across the way from us & a dad there must have won Dad of the Year Award – he had a big John Deere tractor & built a big wagon & filled it with straw, then hauled all of the kids around in it for a hayride.
    Even with those kids though we still ended up with a lot of candy left over. Why is it that my husband insists on buying 6 bags every year? They all seem to be his favorites too.

  2. Well I don’t know about you, but we had loads of trick or treatsters! I think they all told their friends. We soon ran out of sweets, much to my husband’s annoyance. Your pumpkin is evilly beautiful!

    • It was a (blunt) letter opener – they only thing I could find with a thing blade (borrowed from Ma). The child with plastic bag is nothing if not creative – but the idea I let a child out with a plastic bag on his head sends a slight shiver down my spine – holes or not!

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