Wendy Burgers – When Meat and Math(s) Collide

You can’t get Wendy Burgers in the UK. ‘OMG!’ I hear you yell at your PC/Laptop/Mobile Device. No Wendy Burgers. No square burgerage.

I’ve always been intrigued as to why Wendy Burgers are square. Something to do with the production process. Maybe it’s because the way they cook means more succulence.

Or is it because cheese slices are square? But that doesn’t make sense; the burger baps are as round in a Wendy Burger as they are from a MacDonald’s.

I needed answers. Straight to wikipedia; the ultimate repository of useless information. Wendy’s was created by Dave Thomas in 1969. And the reason for the geometrically-even burger shape? Because he ate one somewhere else and liked it.


Oh well, no mysteriousness to the shape then. Doesn’t matter, I like the look of it too. (Doesn’t mean I’m off to create a multi-billion fast food empire out of it though – I mean the money I’m making writing these blogs is more than enough. What? You’re not making any money from your blog? Oh sorry neither am I. I just do it for the sheer fun of it.


Anyway back to the burgers. You will need:

  • 2lbs steak mince
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • Dash Worcestershire Sauce
  • Breadcrumbs (1 slice of bread)
  • Good crack of salt and pepper

To serve

  • 1 brioche loaf
  • Processed cheese slices (come on it can’t be real cheese)
  • Sliced tomato
  • Ketchup
  • American mustard
  • Big chunky chips (not very fast food but it’s all I had)

First combine all the burger ingredients in a big bowl. Don’t compress the ingredients too much – it will result in a dry, heavy burger.


Next form square patties using your hands. As you can see creating square burgers has thus far evaded me.


Dry fry the burgers on a griddle for about 10 mins, turning frequently.


Cut the brioche into slices. We will be preparing Wendy Double Burgers here so first cut a massive thick slice vertically. Then cut this into three slices horizontally. More geometrics – who thought burgers required mathematical expertise? Well it doesn’t, you just have to know the difference between up & down and side-to-side.


Layer bread, meat and cheese (the three basic food groups, yes?) with liberal additions of ketchup and American mustard.


Sneak a slice of tomato in there (utterly optional because of course tomato has a) no flavour and b) no nutritional value).


Serve with chips!


21 thoughts on “Wendy Burgers – When Meat and Math(s) Collide

  1. A guy here got the Wendy’s franchise. We got the business. It was supposed to be different from the McD and King in that they had a salad bar that helped to give a very ‘fresh’ feel to the stuff. They opened. It was pretty awful and the restaurant was in the wrong location. They closed.
    Yours look better than anything I remember from 25 years ago.

  2. An admirable job of shaping those patties & you’re right – it does fit the cheese better than a round patty but maybe you should have square tomatoes for the topping. I haven’t been into a Wendy’s for years – right after they poisoned a few people. By the way, you mention American mustard – is yours different?

  3. As much as I’ve eaten a ton of fast food burgers, and loved them, I always prefer my own, seasoned to my idea of perfection. If I have my choice of fast food burgers I love Harvey’s, which is a Canadian chain that’s been here longer than McDonald’s has been in Canada. Their burgers are still charbroiled and you go through a line telling them which condiments you want on it, Harvey’s is where you truly get a burger your way!

  4. Now I know gourmets like to laugh at fast food joints, but I love a burger and fries. I like them square, round, and even with a hole in the middle. Wendy’s burgers are good, and their Frosty is great! Come to the U.S. and this family will treat you!

  5. You should definitely buy your tomatoes elsewhere if yours have no flavor 😉 I had no idea burgers at Wendy’s were square either. I may have been inside a Wendy’s once and that was in Tokyo because someone who I was travelling with was craving ‘real food’ as he called it… I stuck to Japanese food.

  6. As mentioned by Languedoc Lady, White Castles antedate Wendy’s by decades and are also square, but tinier and with holes. There have even been movies made about quests for White Castles, though why I don’t know. They are really disgusting. IMHO.

    • Nothing beats a Wimpy. Actually that’s a total mistruth. Big Mac is the only way to go as far as I’m concerned (but being British my choice range is limited).

  7. My husband would probably keel over if there were no Wendy’s in Canada. There isn’t one in the town we currently live in and I’m pretty sure I occasionally hear him weeping about it. Anytime we drive through a town with Wendy’s he has to get it!
    I like your take on the square burger. Maybe if i make it for him he’ll quit his whining. Haha.

  8. Wendy’s burgers are good, but my heart belongs to White Castle….the chain that created “sliders” (sadly, the chain hasn’t made it out to California yet but the memory lingers long). Their burgers are also square, but they’ve added 5 holes in the patties to speed cooking time and eliminate the need to turn them over. Something I forgot about until I read your post. Methinks I’ll have to try that during our next bbq.

    • They don’t have White Castles where I live–which is a blessing because when I lived in NYC and had full-access to those delightful little burgers–I was 30 lbs heavier than i am now!
      But the Big Mac is the best.

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