The Really Lazy Guide to Making Cupcakes

First thing you need are these:


These are a pair of hands of a child (you might want to keep them attached to the relevant child, preferably your own).

Secondly you will need one of these:


This is a jar of cupcake ingredients. It has everything you need to create chocolate brownie cupcakes (except the butter, eggs, and the icing sugar for theΒ  frosting). It’s dead easy to make these things. First you pop off the lid and remove the chocolate chips and put them in a bowl:


Ensure the child doesn’t eat the chocolate chips during this critical transitioning process – do not leave the chocolate chips or the child unattended at any point. Add some butter to the chocolate chips and melt over a pan of simmering water:


Now add all the dry ingredients to a big bowl:


An egg (and some vanilla essence, forgot to mention that earlier) is required at this point:


Then we add the chocolate creation. I reckon at least 90% of it made it into the big bowl…


Next some serious stirring is required. We don’t own a KitchenAid, or a even a decent electric whisk (it burned out I think). What we do own is a child with solid arms and a wooden spoon. It’s all you need!


Once reasonably mixed, transfer the chocolate gloop into cupcake liners, thus:


Transfer to the oven for 15 mins or so (turn it on first):


That one in the bottom left corner looks a bit sad but it turned out just fine….

Once cooked remove from the tray and leave to cool.


Prepare the icing – a block of butter (good grief) and the same weight of icing sugar (that’s basically half a pound each!). Combine both (we used the half-dead electric whisk for this stage):


Transfer the creamy badness to a piping bag:


Now carefully pipe the cream on top of the cakes. Or rush it – we need to eat these things quick before the cookie monster gets them:


Finally sprinkle on the hundreds and thousands provided (cleverly enclosed in the top of the jar):


Now it just remains for us to test out our cupcake creations:


Chewy moist chocolatey delights. Not bad at all, while we wait for petit4chocolatier to return from it’s (hopefully short) haitus – that blog was the Queen of cupcake creation – where has it gone?!

31 thoughts on “The Really Lazy Guide to Making Cupcakes

  1. I don’t have any children in the house so I am missing a major tool (little hands) for this very lazy recipe which looks totally delicious… any suggestions? do you rent out the hands? (still attached to the arms….) πŸ˜‰

  2. Hand mixing works just as well as any machine. The older cookbooks would include the number of strokes needed for mixing a cake batter. Excellent work for young hands. And the results look tasty for everyone.

  3. This looks like an acceptable use of child labour to me! In my household, these are known as the “payback years,” which I plan to drag out as long as possible (my kids have all flown the coop but I play the payback card frequently). Seriously, your cupcakes look mighty tempting! My congrats to whoever assembled the jar of ingredients and to your hardworking child! Oh, and to you for your able oversight of the process, which is, after all, the key to the success of any endeavour! 😊

    I miss petit4chocolatier too – she announced she was taking a break from blogging but I didn’t expect her blog to be disabled. Hopefully she’ll be back before long.

  4. Now this is the sort of laziness I’m into! Not that I’m wishing my child’s life away (she’s 2), and it’s not that she doesn’t ‘help’ out now, but I CAN’T WAIT until she can make cupcakes. Mostly for me. Maybe some for her. πŸ™‚

  5. I wholeheartedly approve of pressing the children into work. As the Jesuits were often quoted “Give me the child and I’ll give you the man.” Make em sweat a bit….
    Lovely cupcakes too.

  6. Now that was easy – please send him over here to give another demonstration. I was laughing because I thought for sure you were going to pull out a boxed mix – should have known better. Years ago I worked with a woman who had no clue when it came to baking & she had to bring in cupcakes for her son’s school party. Every lunch hour for a week she’d go out to the market looking for a cupcake mix. Every afternoon she’d come back & tell us that they didn’t have it. What? Did you go to a furniture store or a grocery store – every grocery has mixes. Back out she’d go & no cupcake mix to be had. We even gave her clues like “look in the baking section”. Finally someone went out & brought her a cake mix back & she looked at it & said “oh I saw those but that’s for a cake – I’m supposed to make cupcakes”.

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