Emergency Mayonnaise

Last night my wife went into the kitchen to make her delicious tuna/potato salad/bulgur wheat lunchtime combo for the working week only to find this in the fridge:


No mayo. Not good but not without precedent – our fridge is a refuge for empty bottles of sauce, even wine. (By the way have you ever gone to the fridge on a Monday morning to get the milk out for your coffee and walked away with a bottle of wine? You haven’t? Must just be me…)

Anyway I digress, again. So rather than offer to drag myself up to the corner shop to get some mayo I instead decided to create some homemade.

It was easy. All you need:

  • ½ pint of vegetable oil
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 2 tsp English Mustard
  • Salt and Pepper

First put the egg yolks in a bowl then add the mustard and vinegar.

Use an electric whisk to combine. Drizzle some oil into the bowl, whisking continuosly. Put a damp towel under the bowl to stop it flying across the kitchen floor.


Keep adding the oil very slowly, whisking all the time. Once you have the mixture to your liking (that is, gloopy but not too runny) season with salt and pepper.


Taste and add some more mustard and/or vinegar should you so wish.


Our homemade was much yellower than shop bought. Not surprising given the amount of mustard I chucked in. But it tasted fine, although perhaps it could have been a little less ‘oily’ if I had used olive oil. Still, beats going to the shop and paying out £2 for a jar of the stuff!

What was the emergency again? Oh yes – potato salad – potato, spring onions and homemade mayonnaise:


Verdict from the Mrs? Tasted great but I needn’t have drowned everything in mayonnaise…

35 thoughts on “Emergency Mayonnaise

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  2. My mom used to make mayo, but I have gotten lazy.
    But I know I could never make mayo in the a.m. My mind doesn’t wake up until the coffee hits the blood stream, and I just work on auto pilot until then.

  3. You’re a kitchen super hero, to the rescue! Your mayonnaise sounds great and looks delish. This reminds me my Mom used to make it entirely by hand when I was a kid; much less effort to use a mixer!

  4. Love homemade mayo – great step-by-step guide! I first tried it a couple of years ago when I saw a video on youtube about using a stick blender to make it in seconds. 4 litres of split ‘sludge’, one frayed temper and a pebbled-dashed wall later I gave up and I tried it by hand. Worked first time (is there a lesson there??). I’ve since made it as you’ve done here though and it works every time 🙂

  5. I tried making my own mayonnaise once (well it was aioli, but let’s not split hairs), but it was quite runny. Did I just not beat it long enough? It sure seemed like a was beating it for a heck of a long time! I think you’re supposed to use vegetable oil though, aren’t you? Wouldn’t olive oil be too strongly flavored? What do I know? I make runny aioli!

  6. I’ve never tried wine in my coffee but a shot of Bailey’s can perk it up. Never tried making my own mayo but you may have just convinced me to give it a try. Doesn’t look that difficult at all. Are you perhaps being a little sarcastic with the “delicious tuna/potato salad/bulgur wheat lunchtime combo” comment?

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