Horse Meat Joke Requiem

Okay this is the last post on this particular subject. However I justify it’s presence here on the basis that a) it made me laugh and b) it’s about food and, after all, this is a food blog.

Over here (i.e. anywhere between Ireland and Russia) we recently found out we’ve been eating horses when we thought we were eating cows. And it started in Tesco (the UK’s version of Walmart). And in Tesco you get poor-people’s food and not-so-poor-people’s food – either way we’ve all been eating horse shit)…

Value Horse

Finest Horse


17 thoughts on “Horse Meat Joke Requiem

    • Apparently it costs £500 to cremate a horse – hence the propensity for all those horse lovers out there to sell em on to the knackersd yard – I thought horses ended up as glue and pet food – but if the horses are going into burgers, what’s going into those tins of Whiskers and Pedigree Chum?

    • Our butcher is loving it – I asked him what he thought and he said he was just surprised how long it took for people to find out – its been going on for years. Don’t buy pre packages mince is my advice

      • We don’t really have an equivalent to that over here. Maybe at Walmart, but the labeling has less to do with grades of quality and more to do with price.

        When I see those food labels in your photos, I get very nostalgic though. My favorites were from M&S and Waitrose. It’s great marketing!

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