Out with the old, in with the new

Three years ago we got married. In the run up to that event I got myself a rowing machine. I mean I wasn’t going to spend my honeymoon in St. Lucia blubbering about like a beached whale. Sadly I didn’t stick with it. Once the ring was on it was all downhill. The night of the wedding we ended up eating pizza in a pub in Henley on Thames. You get the idea.

Fast forward to 2013. My ’emergency diet’ did a job in the fourth quarter of 2012 but things aren’t going well now. I mean last night I ate pork belly and breast-of-duck; and a bottle of wine. And then fell asleep. So today I made a decision – out with the old….


Check out the magic bucket

And in with the new…


For those not intimately involved in ‘healthy exercise’ the rowing machine is shown in the first picture. This poor sod of a thing has been sitting in the back garden (yard/area/tip/dump) for going on 2 years and I decided that it was:

A) in no fit state to deliver health giving properties to anyone

B) acting as a colony for bugs, slugs, spiders and all sorts of unpleasantness

So today I purchased a cross-trainer. Oh yes, this badboy provides a full-body kick-your-arse fitness kick. Well that’s what the instructions said. Anyway I was sweating by the time I’d constructed the thing so I figured I’d actually start using it tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted on progress. Honest.

37 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new

  1. good luck! we also got rid of an old rowing machine similar to the one gathering weeds in your garden. Ours had ended up in the shed. Our new purchase is a Davina fold-away exercise bike. We can swap notes in 6 months…. 😉

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