Random Street Entertainment

Is the increase in so-called street entertainment a desperate ploy by high street retailers to attract people out of their homes to spend money? Probably not but there some increasingly weird street artists around at the moment. Take this chap, sitting on air:

sitting man

We were going stir-crazy couped up in our snow-bound house so we ventured out and came across this:

WTF? Anyway earlier in the year we met the invisible man in London while the Olympics were on:


I suppose it’s one way to make money. And lastly there was this chap that was walking down the road with a briefcase. Nothing weird about that, except he was going about 0.1 mph. Hope he got were he was wanting to go:

Running Man 5

See it’s still worth getting off Amazon and going shopping in real shops!

13 thoughts on “Random Street Entertainment

  1. Oh my gosh you live in Kingston? The videos are from Kingston in London/Surrey right? I could spot the streets and shops from a mile off lol. I always see that little DJ guy, very entertaining as well as the still painted angel guy that normally stands just by the entrance of Bentalls. And there’s the violin guy who I think is actually a secret genius and then the little old black guy and his guitar bless him, he’s the sweetest guy I know always sings a little song about me when I walk past.

    So many undiscovered talent in Kingston!

  2. The last time I was in London, I was helping out at my friend’s food truck under the Hungerford Bridge. There was a guy in a monkey costume across from us banging on a tambourine. After several hours, I just felt so bad for the man that I told him to come up to the truck after his “shift” and I would buy him lunch.

    Ensuing conversation revealed that he actually had an apartment three blocks away from me in New York and does this monkey routine by a subway station that I walk by all the time! Isn’t that bananas?!

    Sorry 🙂 After all those horse burger puns, I couldn’t resist 🙂

  3. that video is hilarious!! things people come up with to get some money from shoppers in the street!! and the invisible man must have come from Barcelona, I saw him a few years ago in La Rambla 🙂 (well actually I didn’t see him as he is invisible…) 🙂

  4. Well when the economy’s bad you know you can always pick up an extra buck or 2! My daughter just got back from New Orleans & they have some very creative street people there – big into feathers I guess.

      • I absolutely do admire the creativity & frankly I think that little dude’s got some talent! I’m no fan of freezing cold or snow but my insane husband is right now sitting at a football stadium w/wind chills below zero to watch the Patriots in a playoff game. No that I consider just crazy.

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