What Was The Most Read Post of 2012 on Happiness Stan?

I’ve noticed many blogs have posted their ‘stats’ for the previous 12 months this last few days. WordPress does a clever little report which tells you that if your ‘site visits’ were Big Macs you could have fed the entire population of the world five times over (not the veggies of course – they would have to make do with the McVeggieBurger – sorry ‘VerdictfromtheMrs’).

Anyway, I resisted the idea of doing this retrospective until I took a look at my stats. Stats are a wonderful thing. When you’re sitting there thinking ‘what shall I write a post about?’, take a look at your stats. Let them guide you!

I was very surprised what these data showed me. What was the most popular post? A big creamy cake? No. Well a large chocolate-infused creation then. No, again. Well it had to be a big fat steak-based dish, covered in sauce; nowhere near.

It was duck.


Yes a humble duck. Quack. About this time last year I posted about the creation of crispy duck pancakes with hoisin sauce. I spent about 4 hours cooking it, and I was totally wrecked by the time I ate it (at around 2am). I used a Jamie Oliver recipe to do it and thought nothing of it; and not many people thought much of it either.

But one year on it is by far my most popular post (and I’ve no real idea why). I’ve had 40,000 visits since October 2011 and the ‘Duck’ has got 1,500 of them. And it’s no masterpiece. It’s a duck – covered in Chinese 5 Spice and slathered in a bottle of hoisin sauce. But the stats speak for themselves:

Duck Stats

My next best post (‘how to make a roman shield‘) got about 800 views. For the statisticians among you, you’ll notice that the number of visitors increases towards the end of the year. Google certainly helped. Type in ‘crispy peking duck pancakes’ and my little old post comes in Number 4 on their first page (obviously subject to change).


Why? I’ve no real idea. But I do know that since I popped the ‘most viewed posts’ widget on to my blog page, my crispy duck post is always there – so people must see it and click it.

And on my Stats ‘websearch phrases’ box, ‘crispy duck’ related searches are always there.

So what can we derive from this analysis? One thing really – people the world over love crispy peking duck pancakes with hoisin sauce! And no wonder, it’s bloody delicious!!!!

duck done

What’s your most visited post, and did it surprise you?

36 thoughts on “What Was The Most Read Post of 2012 on Happiness Stan?

  1. I’m not surprised at all. Everybody can pretty much figure out what to do with hamburger although you might want to try & find some new ways to do it but duck is something that a lot of people might not know how to cook – that, plus is awesome! This looks perfect too.
    I guess my top blog says something about how happy people are with their lives. It was “What to pack when you run away from home”. I didn’t post a comment from a young girl I got but I really tried to convince her to not really do it (even though her parents were “really mean”).

  2. My most visited post is about Mojo–a Cuban marinade. That surprised me as well. I wish it were a later post where my photography and Worpress knowledge had improved, but it isn’t. The Search Engines top word is also “goya (brand name) mojo”. But right after that is “somali woman” ????? I have no idea.
    Duck–well it takes forever, but seeing this the second time is making me consider trying it. After a season of turkey, I think duck might be the change we need.

    • Duck beats turkey no problem. And it’s so random what people search for – the number of people who have searched ‘What’s in a woman’s handbag’ and found the post i did on that is amazing – thanks to the Mrs for letting me do that – I think we’d been on the vino that night….

  3. Well, I just discovered your blog today, and I at least haven’t seen your duck post yet. But now I may have to check it out, joining the ranks, as I kind of like what your doing over here, in this neck of the blogosphere. Very nice!

  4. My two most popular posts are my braised oxtail and my tarte tatin (possibly not in that order), closely followed by chilli chocolate truffles. For a while it was tunnel-boning quail, one of my first posts ever. My friends at Two Bites at a Time take the prize with BACON JAM.

  5. Well, I often post pictures of celebrities – many times with very little to do with what I’m talking about. One of my top posts all time is because people do Google image searches for Fergie from Black Eyed Peas – http://foodandwinehedonist.com/2011/07/22/guilty-pleasures-glamorous/. I don’t know how that all works, but the pic I used is usually in the top line. I’ve had thousands find me because they searched for pictures of Bert from Sesame St.

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