J. Paul Getty Inspired Burrito

Several years ago I found myself on a work-related trip in Torrance, CA. We had a day off, waiting for a plane back to London, so my boss decided we needed something to do. We went to the J. Paul Getty Museum and it was the most amazing place. I mean it’s got more European history in it than Europe has. Money walks, talks.

Anyway, despite the collection of Da Vinci artifacts (and so on) we saw, the thing that stuck in my mind was lunch (well of course it did, I’m a foodie right?).

A burrito. A burrito like nothing I’d seen before and like nothing I’ve seen since. It was the size of a loaf of bread, and had everything in it. So I of course had to (eventually) try and recreate it.

A burrito has meat, cheese and rice. Well the one I had back in LA did anyway.


Now to create a burrito you need to get the meat right. So I took a couple of fillet steaks (only the best will do) and fried them on a skillet. At the same time I cooked up a BBQ sauce (I think I took a recipe from the BBC Good Food site)

Then I sliced the steak up (it was still very rare) and stirred it into the sauce:


Then I baked it in some foil for a bit just to make sure the flavour seeped into that meat:


With the meat ready you just need to put the sucker together. Now I added some red pepper to the meat to keep things ‘balanced’. First get a wrap. Put some mayo on it:


Put a nice layer of meat on that bad boy:


Now put some cheese on it:


Add some cooked rice and roll the sucker up:


Slice it in two so you can see the contents:


I wrapped mine up for lunch:


I have a confession to make. This post is a mash up of two cooking sessions. The first was when I made the burrito way back last winter. The steak I cooked last week but it kind of never made it to a finished dish (people just ate it out of the foil) but it kind of looked like it belonged in a burrito – so it kind of works!

34 thoughts on “J. Paul Getty Inspired Burrito

  1. Mexican. Americans eat it twice a week. Now if you are in the U.S. again, there is a new chain restaurant called Qdoba that makes up a monster burrito that’s great. If you land in the west or southwest there would be plenty of local joints that would serve up a great Mexican meal, but if you land in the mid-west, Qdoba or Chipotle are pretty good chains. And I can see why the meat never made it into burritos. . .in this household every person walking by would have snitched “just one little piece”.

    • I just watched Man V Food and he tried to eat a 4lb burrito – after half an hour he hadn’t even touched the surface. Now he gets other people to try his food challenges cos his health is ruined!

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  3. Now that cracks me up – all that artwork but the burrito won out. It is a fine looking burrito & you did a beautiful job stuffing it just right. I always tend to overload mine so I have very messy burrito’s with stuffing coming out all over the place.

  4. That looks FABulous! You made me miss CA though 😦
    I used to go to this Rubio’s in Belmont Shore: 4700 E 2ND St, Long Beach, CA
    Man they had some great shrimp burritos there..thanks for liking my blog! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the honesty, but I couldn’t care less if you cooked half today and the other half 10 years ago. The result looks fantastic!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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