Deconstructing Breakfast

Over here, on this funny wind-swept island (which incidentally is close to half the size of California yet contains almost twice as many people) we know a thing or two about breakfast.

Now of course the British used to ‘Go to Work on an Egg’! but nowadays it’s more likely to be a bowl of muesli with maybe a bit of organic yoghurt. Perhaps one of those green smoothies (what’s in those?)

However there is still a hardcore of Englishmen and women who yearn for the good old days, when life was less complex, cholesterol hadn’t been invented yet and bacon still had an inch of fat and the rind on.

Yes this group still enjoys a good old-fashioned fry up. But its unpopular. Its full of fat. It’s bad.

So how do you get round this conundrum; on the one hand you want the salty greasiness to fuel your day, on the other you want the approval of your peers (or nutritionist).

Eng Done

A standard English Cooked Breakfast

Solution: deconstruct your fried breakfast.

Break it down. Move things around. Chuck in a few left-of-field ingredients so that it no longer resembles a Full-English but still contains the basic elements, spirit if you will, that will send you back to when apples fell from trees already full of cider, children ran around pushing hoops with dirty knees and half the population suffered tuberculosis.

For my fried breakfast creation I gathered together (quantities are utterly irrelevant – make as much as your stomach tells you to. Any leftovers can go the dog, cat, neighbour):

  • Irish Black Pudding
  • Irish White Pudding
  • Smoked Back Bacon
  • Chorizo
  • Egg
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Bizarrely some scallops

Now first off you need to fry up the chorizo. Drain it on kitchen towels – this is some seriously fatty sausage:


Then cook the white and black pudding, sliced on a griddle with a small drop of oil; add the scallops at the end for a few mins each side:


Poach an egg as per the cling film method (or any other method of your choosing) Lastly grill some of the bacon. Now plate up in such a way as to not make it immediately obvious what it is that is being eaten – pop a bit of chopped bacon on top of the white pudding, a scallop on the black pudding then slice a tomato up, add a bit of parsely, run a bit of balsamic dressing round the plate etc:


Recommended with crusty white bread (and a good dash of tomato sauce) and sweet English breakfast tea!

31 thoughts on “Deconstructing Breakfast

  1. Now you’ve got me thinking…maybe all this healthy eating, especially for breakfast is why everyone’s so damned cranky nowadays. They need food – real food!
    A couple of questions: is black pudding aka blood sausage? And what is white pudding?

  2. I’ve been fascinated with the traditional English breakfast for a long while now. Are scallops traditional or a special trixfred30 touch? Either way, that looks amazing!

  3. Looks fabulous, but where are the kippers?
    In my only visit to the UK (a week in February 2011) I stayed at a boutique hotel and had an English breakfast every morning until it got too much for me. One morning I had kippers. I’m not sure I’d do it again.

  4. I think the mushroom is essential. It’s may favorite part of the big fry up — though it’s been a very long time since I had one. Nicely done!

  5. Beautiful presentation of a plate of lard. How you will convince your nutritionist that eating black and white pudding is good for you, I don’t know. Loks lovely all the same. Now I want white pudding and poached egg….

  6. looks absolutely delicious (both actually, the first picture and the last one!) You eat good food in your household, for an Englishman! I am totally surprised!

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