Kale Potato Cakes with Wild Salmon Fillets

Salmon is a staple in this house because it is a protein we will both eat (the kids eat anything, unless its green). But hunting around, looking for exciting things to do with salmon can be quite tedious.

So when the wife came home with a big bag of kale (she does that, comes home with exciting new taste sensations – little pots of stuff, bags of greenery, although I must admit not usually unusual cuts of meat) I thought an opportunity had arisen to come up with something different.

So using all my powers of culinary creativity I came up with…..potato fritters, cakes patties, etc. But there is a sting in the tale – kale holds a secret I was unaware of…..

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Salmon Wellington, or Maybe it’s en Croute

When does Salmon en Croute become a Wellington. Or vice versa. Does anyone understand what I mean. Or care?


In the fridge I found some random ingredients and with the devil-may-care attitude of someone who has just got the kids to go to bed and 1 (one) nice big glass of wine inside me I thought ‘Sod recipes, lets do this one on the fly’. So off we went:

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Another BBC Good Food Show

The BBC, that bastion of investigative journalism (if you’ve been following the news recently you’ll know I’m being sarcastic oh deeeeaaaar) also does a nice line in all things food related. A couple of times a year it takes over big exhibition centres and fills them with foodies. We went to the summer event and liked it that much we took the kids to the winter version in London. Getting the train into London is a drab affair though, so I filmed it and shoved the Bellamy Brothers on…

This video doesn’t exist

(I’m not sure why I would want to share a drab miserable train trip to London, with no views and grey skies, but I guess I just like playing with the movie maker)

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Pork And Bratwurst Casserole – Cooking with an iPad and Dealing with the Cookie Monster

About a year ago we decided to purchase a tablet. Not the Ecstasy or Viagra type. The shiny look-no-keyboard type. Now the smart money goes with an iPad. For everyone else there’s the Samsung. We (I) chose the latter. It works. Just. It’s spent most of the time shoved in the bookshelf (right next to the Kindle) gathering dust. If anybody remembers it’s there they get it out and then ask:

‘Where’s the charger’?….’Don’t know’.

And then it goes back on the bookshelf. Well anyway one day I found the charger, charged it up and looked for a recipe for barbeque sauce. I found a Martha Stewart version and got bizeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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