It’s Friday – Lets Drive Home at 200mph.

Now I know this is probably getting a bit tedious, but I purchased a holder for my iPhone and then filmed a trip home on the most famous car park in the world – the M25. (If you’ve never heard of this motorway then shame). Tonight we do the 33 mile trip in about 3 minutes, accompanied by Michael Gray’s ‘Weekend’:

This video doesn’t exist

I’m not sure how this weekend is actually going to turn out – I’m making a Frasier Cake for my sister’s birthday – they did it on the Great British Bake Off and it looked like a total nightmare; I can see a big pile of cream with bits of sponge and strawberries stuck in it coming on. I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive!

17 thoughts on “It’s Friday – Lets Drive Home at 200mph.

  1. Those who live in Austin, Texas claim the I35 as the world’s largest parking lot. (You remember Austin, the capital of Texas. The city wants to secede from Texas, that wants to secede from the USA. Things are very strange in this part of the world. )

  2. Whoa…at about 18 sec. it looked like a close encounter w/the car coming from the left in front of that bus.
    I remember one time on a business trip, someone from our US office arrived before me & picked me up in London to drive me down to Bristol. It’s hard getting used to sitting on the ‘wrong’ side of the car but I forgot that you do kph so when he hit 100 I started screaming at him…”oh, right okay I’ll let you drive”.
    I can’t wait to see this cake – next post? Even if it’s a disaster (which I doubt it will be).

  3. When I used to live in the Northern Territory of Australia I used to have to drive about 1000 km between Darwin and Tennant Creek about four times a year. It was legal up until a few years ago to drive as fast as you could safely drive. I used to sit between 160 and 180 kph and occasionally top out at 220 kph. Not quite 200 mph but still fun.

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