Epic Lunchtime Fail

My wife is a qualified accountant. I am a qualified blagger. Nevertheless early morning starts are a great leveller. No matter what your intellect, the bleary-eyed semi-dawn of an Autumnal 6am start can play tricks with the mind – especially when you are hunting through the pantry for something to eat for lunch at work.

My wife found a tin of tomato soup in the back of the cupboard, and off she went. Come lunch time she dug her tin out of her handbag and headed for the canteen microwave, only to find she had this:

Mega fail! Now for all the will in the world I’d struggle to come up with something to eat with this sad tin (unless I had some toast, sugar and herbage). In this situation I would just steal someone elses lunch and ignore the warning signs on the fridge door:

35 thoughts on “Epic Lunchtime Fail

  1. Hmmm if only she had thrown in some pasta…. lol. Hopefully she doesn’t leave her purse at home and she does work near a food shop!

  2. 40 plus years ago my younger sister took all of the labels off the canned goods in the pantry to use for a school project.
    For several months we had “mystery dinners” where every took 1 can out and a dinner was cobbled out of it.

  3. i gave what i thought was lunch to one of my children. we were staying with my brother at the time. I got a call at work. “mom” he said, in a whisper, “you gave me uncle craig’s bag of cigarettes. if i get caught, i’ll get expelled.” i told him to toss it and charge his lunch…

  4. Could be worse….My mother-in-law used to pack her husband’s lunch in a supermarket plastic bag. One day he picked up the wrong bag in the kitchen, and untied the knot to discover the contents of the kitchen bin. He never lived it down with his colleagues…..

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