Foolproofed Poached Egg Methodology

I think poaching is the most impressive way to cook an egg . There are many ways to do it – use a poacher, cooking rings, or just put them in water ‘free-form’.

But the problem with these methods is that either the eggs end up looking flat and a bit boring or they try to disintegrate in the water, looking like they’ve blown up. What you want with a poached egg is something that looks like a little white cloud!

Of course I didn’t make a poached egg and then just eat it. I serve it with steak!

To create a foolproof poached egg you will need:

  • An egg
  • Some clingfilm
  • a large glass or cup
  • A pan of simmering water

First get some clingfilm and then sort of push it into a glass, thus:

Break an egg into the clingfilm pocket:

Twist the top of the clingfilm to seal the egg in:

Now place in a pan of simmering water with the clingfilm trailed over the edge to make it easier to get out. Here we used the same pan as that for my ubiquitous broccoli:

Simmer the egg for between 4 and 7 minutes, depending on your preference:

I served my poached egg with a nice fillet steak, that green stuff and some caramelised red onions:

Yes I know this is about the fifth time I’ve done this but a) its my favourite and b) its a dead useful way to do poached eggs without ending up with something that looks like it came from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean!

40 thoughts on “Foolproofed Poached Egg Methodology

  1. Looks like you’ve got a winner here. Must say that is some kind of breakfast, although I’d prefer someone make it for me. I love breakfasts but it can be dangerous when your eyes aren’t open yet & my eyes don’t open until after breakfast… It’s a dilemma.

  2. Wow, this is so creative!! And the meal looks good too! I am going to have to try it. I love poached eggs and don’t make them very much! I will now : )

    • Someone else just asked that – It might be – because they tried it and it went a bit Pete Tong. I guess its like buying a car – get the best you can get with the cash available (not a great comparison but its all I can think of really)

  3. I saw this on a cooking show featuring a Basque chef from the restaurant Arzak and he did his poached eggs this way. You don’t lose any egg this way. I haven’t tried it myself yet.

  4. oooops, had to go to plan B, cheese on toast. My eggs were completely glued to the clingfilm (4 minutes simmering) and trying to get them out resulted in a complete mess. Is it a question of “practice makes perfect?” or do you have magic clingfilm which you bought in one of those food-shows you go to? 😉

    • mmm maybe not long enough – if the insides were runny then the outside would prefer sticking to the the film – and the time depends on egg size so maybe longer than 4 mins if the egg wasnt small (i like small ones)

      • no, it looked quite well done on the outside, quite rubbery actually… do you oil the cling film? or put butter? or what cling film do you use, where you get it from?

  5. I am a pastry ring man myself. For the eggs that is. I like this approach. You can season the egg also by putting the black pepper into the cling film first. Lovely looking brunch.

  6. Hey, great idea! I bought a special egg poaching pod a few years ago…. absolute rubbish! My egg took about half an hour to cook in it! Will definitely try this method next time. Thanks!

  7. wow! never seen this way of cooking an egg before!! I will try it out at lunchtime for definitely! bit of poached egg on toast on this rainy day in London. 😉

  8. What a bloody brilliant idea! I LOVE poached eggs but am a miserable failure at making them. So I had resigned myself to only eating them in restaurants. I am so happy I haven’t had breakfast yet!! Thank you!

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