I Went to the Butcher…

…and bought this!


We’ve got some braising steak in the foreground along with some rather chubby chorizo sausages. In centre is some proper smoked streaky bacon (with rind – that’s a rarity these days). At back some oxtail and to the right two big fillet steaks.

A random selection but I had been standing in the shop for so long trying to decide what to buy that I got panicked in case they thought I was being weird so just started ordering things. Should keep me busy for a while…

29 thoughts on “I Went to the Butcher…

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  3. They must love you now at that butcher’s shop! Think of it, you went from the weird guy not buying anything to that guy who got the hungry’s and made their sales numbers for the day.
    We don’t see things like oxtail over here unless it’s maybe in some specialty markets. I’m guessing it’s used for stews or soups?
    Nothing like scoring some really good bacon though – that alone must have made the trip a success.

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