Another BBC Good Food Show

The BBC, that bastion of investigative journalism (if you’ve been following the news recently you’ll know I’m being sarcastic oh deeeeaaaar) also does a nice line in all things food related. A couple of times a year it takes over big exhibition centres and fills them with foodies. We went to the summer event and liked it that much we took the kids to the winter version in London. Getting the train into London is a drab affair though, so I filmed it and shoved the Bellamy Brothers on…

This video doesn’t exist

(I’m not sure why I would want to share a drab miserable train trip to London, with no views and grey skies, but I guess I just like playing with the movie maker)

Anyway we got there eventually and took in the scene:

This is Olympia in West London – its nearly 130 years old and to be honest its just starting to show a bit. Nevertheless we armed the kids with some cash and off we went, hunting. They soon got the hang of it. I fancied the look of these knives:

But at £950 a set I didn’t even bother trying to look like someone interested in buying them! Meanwhile the kids were getting the hang of it – barge to the front of a crowd, sample the wares and then buy the good stuff.

We really liked the look of these super-filled pies:

That is seriously impressive fillage. Meanwhile the place was really filling up. We took shelter in the Wine Show area upstairs:

By now we were tired and began to get ready to go. But not before spotting this guy:

We remembered him; we bought one of those grating things at the last show in the summer. He’s still at it.

Once we were home we surveyed the loot:

  1. Smoked Duck Breast
  2. Smoked Spicy Salami
  3. Applewood Smoked Cheese
  4. Smoked Irish Bacon
  5. Irish Black Pudding
  6. Irish White Pudding
  7. Caramelised Onion Chutney
  8. Citrus Relish
  9. Black Box Mature Cheddar
  10. Strawberry and Cream Fudge
  11. Big Fat Chunky Churchill Sausages
  12. Harry’s ‘Bad-Man’ Smoked Cheese
  13. Red Onion Marmalade
  14. Creamy Curry Sauce
  15. Chocolate Fudge
  16. French Style Chocolate Swirl Meringue
  17. Sausage Roll
  18. Irish Breakfast Sausages

Most of its gone now.

30 thoughts on “Another BBC Good Food Show

    • Yes well we did a creation – cut that sucker open and fill it with Angel Delight, dotted with the fudge – bad and yet good at the same time (so im told – obviously i didn’t try it….

  1. I enjoyed tagging along on your train ride – reminds me of when I used to commute from Oakville to Toronto every day on the GO Train (not missing that). The food show looked like a lot of fun, and you came away with an impressive haul of goodies! BTW, that song brought back memories – I just may add it to my playlist.

  2. The train trip is a bid mad. You did well on the Irish ingredients. Clonakilty do the best black and white puddings on the market. You will have to try Superquinn sausages if you want a unique experience of loveliness.

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