Kitchen Product Review – The Automatic Cheese Mill

I’d just like to start by saying we were shafted with this gem. On the box it says ‘New Innovation’. That should have flagged up a big red ‘NO’. I mean innovation is, by definition, new. So this thing was never going to do what it said on the can. Or box. And what is it that it is supposed to do? Grate (or shred) things – cheese mostly but also nuts, vegetables – almost anything.

Well it looks okay. Lets see what happens when you try to grate some cheese…

Not good. Not good at all. But lets be fair. Maybe the batteries were no good. So I put some new batteries in and tried again. This time with carrot:

Only one way to describe this contraption – crap. But lets be clear – we didn’t get this through the mail after watching some crummy TV ad or something. We saw this thing being used at a Food Show back in the summer. This is what we saw this machine do:

What the chap demonstrating the ‘cheese mill’ didn’t mention obviously was that it took him 3 days to create this cheese mountain!

37 thoughts on “Kitchen Product Review – The Automatic Cheese Mill

  1. Unfortunately, I bought one of these in 2012. Yesterday, I got it out of the box for the first time, put it together, plugged in the charger and after about 3 minutes it went pop and the light went off so I didn’t even have a chance to try it. I found your videos when I was looking for spares but I don’t think I will bother!

    • Yes a truly crap piece of kit. Mind you it was fun trying to break it with some carrot. I bought a rapid iphone charger from a stall at an exhibition the other week. That is rubbish too.

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  3. Your posts always make me laugh! Too funny!! I have a “vegetable-slicer-that-workds-on-tevevision-but-not-when-you-get-it-home” in my cupboard.

  4. Now that was a riot. I bought a chopper that you had to pre-chop everything before putting it in & then the chopping was so random I had little bits, then big clumps.
    Seriously, as I was watching the clips I was leaning forward saying “go, go, come on goooo, you can do it…”

  5. The problem with these ‘Food Shows’ is the number of stalls giving away free tasters of wine, beer and whiskey – this encourages random purchasing. We ended up with an array of chutneys, sauces, pickles, cheeses but drew a line at the 4 man hot tub (?)

  6. we live just by Earls Court Station in central London, and regularly get those Home Shows…. When I see dozen of people coming out of the shows and going to the Tube carrying long “magic drying” mops and other paraphenelia in carrier bags, I know it’s that time of the year again… lots of gadgets being bought, only used once or twice (if ever) then put in the garage or the back of a cupboard and long forgotten. This one sounds just like it!! thanks for sharing with us so we won’t buy…..

      • Top quality. My better half almost bought a milk creamer from one of those guys. They showed how two drops of milk could be creamed into a frothy foam filling a half pint glass. She only relented when I pressed her to specify exactly what real life use there would be for it.

  7. That was hilarious. Thank you for showing us what not to buy. We’ve all bought a pig in a poke haven’t we. This one is yours. I suggest you put it in the pigpen in the sky soon.

  8. I have a few ‘buyer’s remorse’ kitchen gadgets lurking in the backs of my cupboards, including an electric grater that’s just too fussy to bother with!

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