What to cook when you roll in from the pub and you can’t see straight

Well it’s got to be quesadilla right. Of course. That’s assuming you didn’t accidentally fall into the local fried chicken joint on the way home and the kebab shop was shit I mean shut.

Questionable-biliousness, sorry I mean quesadilla, are the perfect post-pub food. No real concentration or skill is involved, you can put whatever you like in them (so long as you have tortillas to hand) and they taste great – I think.

The finished article served on an Ikea plastic plate to avoid accidents

For this version of quesadilla you will need:

  • 3 flour tortilla wraps
  • handful of wafer thin ham
  • 1 cooked chicken breast
  • 2 tbsp pizza base tomato sauce
  • plenty of grated cheddar cheese
  • 3 tbsp baked beans

First off get a wrap and smear the tomato sauce over it:

You’ll notice the big lump of pre-fab ham has been cut into slices. You’ll also probably notice that the preparation area doesn’t look too clever. That’ll be the Stella Artois influence.

Now spread the sauce on another wrap and cover with the sliced ham:

Sprinkle a generous dollop of grated cheese over the ham. Don’t forget that beer damps down the taste buds so don’t be shy with the cheese at this stage:

Its good enough to eat already but we are nowhere near finished yet. Next the chicken. Grab a breast and chop that sucker up:

Now put another wrap on top of the cheese/ham layer. Top with beans and put the chopped chicken on top:

Oh yes it’s getting good now. Place the final wrap on top of the beans/chicken and cover with more tomato sauce:

Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Get a nice big flat griddle out and put some oil on it. Heat up:

Carefully place your quesadilla on the hot griddle and cook for a few mins until the edges start to crisp:

Now transfer to the oven (medium heat) and cook for a further 10 mins or so until the cheese is melting:

Now it’s ready. All you have to do is serve. And when I say serve I mean get it into your mouth – best to cut into slices although you could try eating the whole thing in one go – but I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you’re drunk – which you would probably have to be to make this thing:

Anyway I’d be interested to know what your go-to post pub nosh is…

33 thoughts on “What to cook when you roll in from the pub and you can’t see straight

  1. Oooooh too yummy, Mexican food is my fav!

    I usually pass out when I reach home, if I’ve drank too much.
    The next meal I have is a good ol’ fry-up at breakfast! 😀

  2. If I have guests after said adventure I would make some sort of pasta or breakfast meal. Maybe both. If it were just my husband and myself I would probably make a huge vat of popcorn. If it were just myself then I would eat a jar of olives.

  3. Clearly I have to amble down to my local watering hole more often; I’m missing out on a whole genre of food! I’ve never seen a double decker quesadilla before. It looks impressively up to the job of soaking up all that Stella!

  4. Around here we eat quesadillas all times of day and night. The favorite hangover food around here is menudo – tripe and red chile soup. From my view, if it tastes good, you need more. If not so good, your hangover is cured.

  5. I love your dedication, I would have given up and started to scoff it after the first cheese layer. Long term thinking while drunk is an admirable trait!

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