Miracle Breakthrough – Diet Mars Bar!!!

Yes its here. A Mars Bar that is guilt free. Lets take a quick look at this exciting new revelation. We compare the slimmer’s Mars Bar with a standard Mars Bar:

Big deal you might think – one’s got caramel written on it and the other hasn’t – what’s that got to do with anything? Lets take a look inside:

Now it becomes clearer – the Caramel Mars is looking a little ‘flat’ – something is missing. We need to get inside this thing and find the truth:

Revelation time – the nougat is gone! And seeing how the slimline version is about half the size there must be a serious calorie reduction, right? No of course not. The normal Mars has 260 calories. The Caramel thin version has 204 calories.

So what does this scientific analysis tell us? It tells us that a) The best bits of a Mars Bar (ie the chocolate and luscious caramel) are the worst for you and b) generally speaking the more boring something is (eg the chewy nougat in a Mars Bar) the less bad it is for you.

23 thoughts on “Miracle Breakthrough – Diet Mars Bar!!!

  1. I’m going to guess that the less you get, the more you pay. Sort of like what’s been going on for years with downsizing packaging here in the States. I was watching an interview with an executive from General Mills where they asked him about smaller packaging, yet the price staying the same. His response was that with smaller families, consumers had been “demanding” smaller quantities. He was a little flustered though when he was asked “Did consumers also demand an increase in price?”

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