Lightning Bolt v Mo Bot

Lets be honest. This bejeweled Isle of Greenery upon which the British reside would never have thought we’d be third in the Olympics table with one day to go (except if you’re American where for some reason we are fourth behind Russia). As I sit here with glass in hand I am watching some truely stunning athletics.

We have Usain Bolt. The guy is unbeatable. And GB has Mo Farah. Who? Mo is the man. He runs around in circles and just wipes the floor. All comers. 10000 metres – Gold. 5000 metres – Gold! And both these supermen of running have a signature ‘win pose’.

For Usain there is the ‘ Lightning Bolt’. For Mo there is the ‘ Mo Bot’:

Now in this picture you get two of the most amazing athletics stars of the London Games. 6 ft 5 inch Bolt playing to an 80k crowd with a British guy who has wiped the floor with African legends to win the long distance double. And they are reversing the roles – Mo does the ‘Lightning Bolt’ whilst Usain does the ‘Mo Bot’. TV Gold my friends.

But we have more. Remember the film ‘Cool Runnings’? John Candy teaching Jamaicans how to Bobsleigh? No? Watch it.

The Times got it. They summed the whole games up with this cover earlier in the week:

I love John Candy so I thought he deserved a show on this pic.

Not meaning to rub it in but the last shots shows how fast Bolt is. In the 4×100 relay he started off the anchor line more or less level with the American guy:

– but he just stormed ahead:

…and took the Olympic record! Loved the Olympics.

18 thoughts on “Lightning Bolt v Mo Bot

  1. I totally missed both Bolt and Farah. I got to the point where I thought watching it live ended up with Brits losing 😦

    I did watch the guy on the mens 4 x 400 relay third leg absolutely steam up though, he was great.

    I wrote a few Olympic snippets. Team GB plus NI did well. In fact plus a Gib woman in rhythmic dancing.

    So quickly over…

  2. Fun post! I can just imagine how exciting it must be to be in Great Britain right now, with Olympic fever in full swing. Great shout out for John Candy (he was Canadian, you know)! My family loves him too (I watched many ‘Uncle Buck’ movies over and over with the kids when they were young, and yes, we saw Cool Running too).

    • We went up there on the last day – no chance of a ticket but could not believe how packed Westfield was. Ended up at the Slug and Lettuce by the London Eye – much more civilised

  3. I must say, as an American living in the UK right now, it is really hard not to cheer for you Brits in these amazing Olympics!! I only got to watch them this week since we were in a hotel (and don’t have tv at home – and were busy packing out our house to move back to the US last week) but it’s been so much fun!! So happy that the British athletes have been doing so well, and I must say, the BBC has really done an amazing job in its coverage 🙂 Tomorrow the pipe band in which I played during my year here is playing in the closing ceremonies (they gave up going to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow today to play the closing ceremonies) so if you see them make sure not to look away – because I think they only get about 30 seconds air time haha — I am not with them, sadly, because I fly out of here in two days, and also because I have an almost four week old baby and had to stop piping a few months before he was born – and wouldn’t have been able to make all the mandatory practices (since they’ve all been in the last month since I gave birth.) Been enjoying all the British-ness of your blog 🙂

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