2012 Olympics Essential Kit

As I sit here on my sofa watching 24 (yes 24) channels of Team GB doing Olympian things my wife decided I needed a supportive kit – to improve my support levels:

The kit features a T-shirt, flags and bunting. Actually the kit features wine. Not sure where the other stuff came from. The flag came in useful though. At exactly 20.12 pm we waved it at the tele as the Red Arrows shot over London:

So far we’ve seen an opening ceremony that didn’t pander to the inane expectations of the rest of the world, some pretty hopeless commentating from the BBC, some very nice local countryside and some decent weather followed by some really bad weather. Oh and Phelps came 4th.

29 thoughts on “2012 Olympics Essential Kit

  1. Glad to see you’re in the Olympic spirit! I’m sorry to have missed the opening ceremonies, but due to the time difference I was at work. I did hear lots about it though and it sounded pretty amazing!

  2. Is there an Olympics going on? We’re just getting commercials here. Tell me – why did you go & throw the Queen out of the helicopter? Amazing though that it didn’t even muss her hair. Pretty amazing really to pull this off in such a busy city.

  3. The opening ceremonies were great! IMHO better than China’s. Theirs was to techy for my taste. When does the new Bond Girl star in a movie? Love Mr. Bean! Sorry about Rmoney. He’s just as big as embarrassment here in the states… no matter where he goes.

  4. I agree with Gary! I thought that the OC was fantastic and very well done. Contrary to the bafflement of my newscaster countrymen, I thought the sheep were AWESOME! It takes guts to put livestock in Olympic Stadium!

    And the fireworks were the best. I actually love the cauldron too. So much more intimate and significant. For all the “whinging and moaning” that I was reading about in the UK press, it turned out absolutely wonderfully — was there really any doubt ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have to say though that as I was watching the OC, I couldn’t help but feel patriotic for you. So, Happiness Stan Lives Here, you did a brilliant job. I really did feel you were personally involved ๐Ÿ™‚

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