Chunky Chilli with Cornbread – its all about balance. Or something.

After cooking Rib Roast I had a not inconsiderable amount of beef to deal with. So I decided on chilli for the first leftover dish. I think if I eat any more beef I’m going to grow horns and/or start lactating. Nice thought. Anyway we always served chilli with rice over here so I thought I’d try something different and attempted cornbread.

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Celebrating Mediocrity with a Pimms

Well, depending on where you come from you may or may not be aware that the ‘beautiful game’ is engaged in it’s second most important tournament.

Yes it’s the Euro’s. Not the money debacle. The football debacle. And that’s football with a round ball thanks. Every four years the ever expanding mess that is Europe engages in an orgy of cliches, play-acting on the pitch, incompetent referees and dangerously drunk ‘fans’ ‘interacting’ with ‘locals’ (i.e riots) in small villages and piazzas.

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Britain loves Holidays

Every now and then we get Bank Holidays in the UK. Other countries have days off for things like winning independence. You know who you are. Afghanistan celebrates Mujahideen Victory Day. And in Turkmenistan they spend a day celebrating melons.

In the UK we are a bit more…pragmatic. We celebrate banking. Well we used to. Bank holidays were introduced because things got a bit silly way back when and we had 33 public holidays, so some mean spirited old sod reduced them to 4. Toss-pot. Probably a Conservative (the American equivalent of a Republican).

Anyway every time there is a Bank holiday we all now get a day off. And because our Queen has managed 60 years on the throne (only the second time in history that has happened – anyone care to guess which other monarch has managed that?) we got TWO days off.

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Rib Roast – When Skill and Enthusiasm Collide

What is the ultimate meat lover’s dish? Is it a Lamb Rack? Maybe a Steak Fillet with Lobster. How about Beef Wellington or Pork Ribs. For me it’s Prime Rib. An enormous juicy hunk of beef with the ribs poking out the side. Check out Conor’s version here.

I had to have a go. Especially as I now have an oven that understands the concept of  ‘temperature’ and ‘cooking’. Things the previous oven understood about as well as it understood logarithmic equations. So off I went to the local butchers (lie: Sainsbury’s) and bought the biggest buggering lump of beef I could find:

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