The Wine Connoisseur

It’s my wife’s birthday today. My sister, knowing how we at the House of HappinessStan do love our plonk, sent her this card:

It kind of sums up our attitude to wine really! Ironically we met in a pub. We asked each other’s ages – I thought she was 25 (she wasn’t) and she decided at that point I was suitable marriage material. So there’s a lesson for all you batchelors out there – underestimate a potential bride’s age by a few years and you’re on to a winner (maybe).

17 thoughts on “The Wine Connoisseur

  1. Is “toss” considered rude enough to have to asterisk? All this time I thought it ranked around “gosh” or “darn” in terms of harshness. :/ Actually I didn’t think either word merited an asterisk. Good thing I don’t talk to many Brits!

    • Its a funny thing – looking at this card it is a bit staid – but what Americans think is rude we don’t and vice versa – for instance we take exception to w**ker but there was a chap who commented using that word like it was ‘prat’. As for fanny – well we just don’t use that one in quite the same way…

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