A Day Out for Foodies

For my 30th (40th) birthday (ha!ha! – it’s funny how the older you get the funnier the jokes about how old you aren’t getting, get, right?) my wife took me to the BBC Good Food Show in our great second city, Birmingham. Here’s a short clip of us arriving in Birmingham on a lovely summer’s day in the UK. It reminds me of Atlanta. I went there once and it did this.

Anway once you arrive at the Good Food Show you are transported into a world of culinary delights.

This is an example of a culinary delight, FYI.

Here an orgy of pies, puddings, cakes, sauces, wines, scotch and cheese await the unwary. You don’t go to this thing unprepared – the stalls are a mix of cut-throat commercial enterprises and sweet little old dears selling homemade jam – you do your homework and build a plan of attack. Then you start sampling the wine and start buying stuff, like wine…

He looks like he’s hitting the limit to me

…And damn fine sweet treats!

In amongst it all we found the Hairy Bikers giving a masterclass. In reality they were buggering about (in the UK we call it ‘banter’). Here they back up my belief in buying puff pastry ready-made (whack up the sound a bit to get their insightful gibberish):

We also came across a man building a cheese mountain:

We liked his device so much we got one – but haven’t tried it out yet…

I didn’t try the oysters, I didn’t know my gag reflex status at the time…

Of course one of the main objectives of going to one of these food-fests is to collect as much bounty as possible. Here are our spoils – everything from pot plant seeds to toothpaste to curry sauce to hemp bags to god knows what…

I think I will be revisiting the Good Food Show via the blog again as snippets of memory return…

55 thoughts on “A Day Out for Foodies

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  3. First of all, Happy Birthday to you!
    And my goodness, those dougnuts/pastries in the first picture look sooooo good! 🙂
    The food and wine shows here in SA are not nearly as exciting as yours it seems, but I’m hoping you weren’t too sober when you left the place… 😉

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  5. Happy birthday! But just a tip, don’t lie backwards on your age – always add a bunch of years. Better to have someone say how great you look for 48 than what a tough life you’ve lived for 30. Now did you say you bought pot seeds? Is that legal over there?

  6. As they say, the only time you will see 30 again is on somebody’s front door. I went to the Taste of Dublin a couple of weeks ago. Similar vibe. Having paid €25 to get in, there were Dublin restaurants selling ‘taster meals’ for a fiver. However, they don’t take euros, only florins that one has to buy at one euro to one florin rate. The taster idea being that one would eat four or five of them. Call it another €20. Then any drink was 5 or 6 euro per class. Call it another €10. If one wanted to see any of the chef demonstrations and celebrity cooking, you had to stump up again. All this while guys with cockney accents are trying to sell us self sharpening knives and wonder whisks. The day would set a couple back a couple of hundred quid, wandering home with a few useless florins in one’s pocket. All to have people in the food business sell their wares to one. I am not impressed. Yours looks like a far better arrangement.

    • Yes that sounds like one of those captured audiences you get at executive conferences where you turn up for free but have to speak to sellers. Mind you they don’t serve up decent food at those things

  7. Happy Birthday! Did they hand out any freebies at the show? They’re quite generous here – with things like seaweed toothpaste, garlic beer, octopus… 😉

  8. Amazing.. Might even do this for my 30th as well (almost reaching the 3rd decade really soon myself)! Seems perfect!

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