Eton Mess – Old School Desserts

Yes Eton is an old school. It’s where our politicians and captains of industry originate. Kind of like they are conceived there. Maybe they hatch or something.

Anyway brilliant young minds need to be fed The Nectar of the Gods, but seeing how that stuff is always in short supply the school came up with Eton Mess; its simple, and delicious, unlike the England football team which, although simple, leaves an unpleasant aftertaste – an aftertaste of miserable failure:

To create this light and creamy treat you will need

  • Double Cream (Heavy cream for those over the other side of the pond but why you’d want to remind yourselves what it’s doing to your waistline I’ve no idea)
  • Meringue (you could make your own but i think ready made are nicer and just that bit easier – like puff pastry)
  • A good dash of cherry liquer
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberry Coulis to finish

Eton Mess comes in at No1 on the ‘things-you-can-make-after-spending-an-afternoon-drinking-wine-in-the-back-garden-tending-the-BBQ’.

First of all you pour a big glug of cherry brandy into a large bowl containing a big tub of double cream. Then you whisk until it starts to get stiff and peaky:

Now crush up the meringue in a bag – not too much you don’t want powdered meringue:

Now fold in the meringue bits:

Finally stir in the chopped fruit:

Spoon the mix into serving glasses and drizzle some coulis over the top. Serve immediately!

Preparation time 13 minutes – beat that!

37 thoughts on “Eton Mess – Old School Desserts

  1. I love Eton mess. This looks amazing!

    And it looks like you have taken to the new kitchen like a fish to water πŸ™‚

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  3. i haven’t seen this since the 2 fat ladies cookbook! The cherry brandy in yours makes it seem extra delicious. I served The Fat Ladies version at a dinner party in New York City 10 years ago, and everyone LOVED it. Now I’m going to have to make it again and hope I don’t turn into a fat lady.

      • I’m actually watching the Two Fat Ladies on DVD now! How did you know?!

        I love how whenever they say to add some butter, it’s half a kilo!

        • I know they are (were) great! Mind you it takes its toll – one is no longer with us and the other one hasnt gone near butter (or wine and scotch) in a long time!

          • So sad. The one still with us, I heard that it was the gin and tonics that did her in. Not the gin, actually, but the quinine in the tonic destroyed her adrenal glands so she can’t even lose weight if she wants to.

            Isn’t that horrible? No one suspects the tonic!

  4. Does the Mess specify only strawberries and raspberries or can another fruit combo be used? As for your football team, try a fan’s incognito crying: find a paper bag that fits over your head. Cut eyeholes. Then draw tears flowing from the eyeholes. Put over head whenever things get bad. That’s what the NO Saints fans used to do when things were reallly bad, which was for quite a while (1980s too)….

    • Classic mess is strawberries only. We added raspberries and i was going to put blueberries too but though that was going too far. As for supporting the team I thought the Brits were bad but you lot sound like you’ve taken it to a whole new level!

  5. Quick, excellent and tasty. Three things that the English football team are not. To use another culinary metaphor; Consistency is important. The Irish team were consistent. Played 3, lost 3, went home. As they say; “If they were playing in the garden, I’d pull the curtains.”

  6. I’ve made a version if this before, without the booze as there were kidlets involved. Either way, hats off to you Brits for coming up with this fabulous dessert!

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