Blogging 101 – Beef and Onion Pie

Food. It inspires. It sustains. Its my reason for being. There are other things that matter but right now I can’t remember what they are. Oh, thats right, wine matters too. (No it really does). So in my ‘Bucket List’ of food items pies have to be in the top 5 (just under steak and eggs I reckon). And so for this creation I went for a steak-based pie.

A seething morass of meat and vegetables

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Gratuitous Steak Shot

Do you spend hours trying to recreate things you see on Masterchef? Do you watch Heston poncing about with dried ice and syringes, synergising coal with saffron to produce some form of carbonised ice-cream and think – I can do that? No? No. Of course not.

You need to eat. Eat food. Real food. And in my corner of the Universe real food = steak.

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If you’re wondering why you are getting inundated with other people’s comments read on…

Just a Smidgen

This is a quick note for my fellow WordPress bloggers….

You may have noticed I have not been commenting recently. Upon leaving comments on your wonderful posts, my email inbox would be inundated with “follow-up comments” by others who had also left comments on the same post. A bit of searching has led me to the source of this “glitch” and I wanted to quickly share with all of you.

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