Now that’s a spicy meat-a ball!

For those who like their advertising this is one of the most famous Alka Seltzer ads:

Meatballs is a family favourite in this house (although the Vegetarian has falafels instead). For this version we put the cheese inside the balls to add some excitement to a dish that has served me well over the years. Of course with kids around, there are no mushrooms or peppers in this version, although i can get away with onions. Aren’t I lucky?

To create Mamma Mia Meatballs for kids you’ll be needing:

  • Half a Kilo of minced beef
  • Some diced chorizo
  • Onions
  • Bread
  • Passata
  • An egg
  • Red wine (naturally)
  • Cheddar cheese (or Mozzarella)

First off mix up the bread crumbs (use some crusty French bread to give it some texture) with the egg and then mix in with the meat.

The secret to succulent balls is not to squeeze too hard or they end up like dried up balls of plaster because you squeeze all the juice and air out.

Now get a small lump of cheese (Mozzarella is better because it doesnt turn so liquidy when its cooked) and form the meat around it. After you’ve created your balls put them to one side.

Now get the chorizo frying gently to release the fat:

Add the onion and fry in the oil until it all goes soft and reddy-gold:

Then add some red wine (don’t be shy, chuck it in) and then simmer down:

In a separate pan start frying your balls slowly (cheese may ooze out but that’s just an occupational hazard):

While the balls are sizzling away, add the passata to the onion and chorizo combo:

Now add the balls and cook until the whole thing thickens up:

Now serve with the pasta of your choice:

These turned out pretty well, better even than the Goodfellas version I did way back.

25 thoughts on “Now that’s a spicy meat-a ball!

  1. Love the commercial, a blast from the past! And the meatballs look great too. I can relate to your being ‘allowed’ to use onions. I had an onion hater amongst my offspring, so I’ve taken to putting minced garlic in hamburgers, etc. The adaptations required by parenthood!

      • Mine aren’t either! Only about half 😦 I contacted WordPress about this and they told me to change my settings so that I get an email notification every time there is a new post. Notice how they didn’t say they were going to fix it.

        It’s kind of annoying. Actually, this started happening a few months ago, but seems to have gotten worse lately. Is it the same for you?

        • Yes its since they stopped having thumbnails on the topics page and replaced it with a scrolling list. They are bored I think and keep fiddling around with things that were okay!

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