15 thoughts on “A Message from the Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious

  1. Too funny! My favourite was told to me by a friend from Kentucky – he’d bought sunshades to protect the interior of his car (the big ones that go over the windscreen), and they had printed on them in large letters “Do not drive with sunshades on the windscreen”. Although perhaps that belongs in Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious rather than Silly Walks.. 😉

  2. OK, you can laugh at the first sign, but there is a set of doors that I go through several times a day (for the past 3 years) that I get wrong (push/pull) about 50 % of the time.

      • In almost all public buildings in America, the doors should swing “out” towards the fire exit. But sometimes I don’t agree with the people that designed the building as to where I would escape from a fire and it causes me the confusion !

  3. Last year, in a doctor’s office, there was a giant bin with a sign that said, “For SOILED gowns only!” And someone had crossed out “SOILED” and wrote ” DIRTY.” So where do the soiled ones go now?!

    And in the same office, there was a giant sign above the toilet reminding everyone that latex gloves were NOT to be flushed. Followed by a very graphic description of where the gloves collect in the system, and the name of the poor building supervisor who had the job of cleaning out the offensive plug.

    But by far, the absolute best sign is above all the sinks in my Univerisity library. New York City is currently in a fight to ban fracking around our water reservoirs in the northern part of the state. You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_fracturing. Nasty stuff. They basically use the force of all kinds of nasty chemicals underground to break up natural gas-rich shale so they can siphon off the gas. Communities that have had fracking near them have reported being able to ignite their tap water.

    So the sign in the library says that the water is “generally” safe. But if it ignites, we should alert someone.


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