If I had to have a cat…

…I’d probably want this cat.

I don’t do pets really but if I had to be reincarnated it would be this moggy who is obviously not playing with a full deck.

On the subject of pets:

When I was a kid my sisters had rabbits. They lived in a run down the side of the house. One day my sisters’ friends knocked on the front door to walk to school. Mum answered the door and they said ‘Irene’ (for that is mum’s name) ‘There’s something wrong with your rabbits’ necks.

Mum went round the side of the house and found a bunch of decapitated rabbits. Our friendly neighbourhood foxes had done in the rabbits and made off with the heads. Why the heads? Do fox cubs like rabbit brains? Or did something more sinister happen? Hang on I’m just starting to realise it wasn’t foxes at all…

30 thoughts on “If I had to have a cat…

  1. I have four cats and three dogs, and they all huddle up together in the bathroom when it’s time to steam mop!

  2. My cat hates the vacuum and is really freaked out by the noise. But the broom, the broom is her mortal enemy and she attacks it and any one sweeping with the viciousness of a wildcat. I would like to vacuum her though because she sheds all over the place, but she won’t even let me brush her. She’s not all there mentally but I love her just the same.

    • I grew up with generations of cats. They were everywhere. The last two turned out to be semi-feral and after two weeks one threw itself down the stairs and unfortunately broke its neck and the other just vanished as soon as it was allowed outside. Bless them.

  3. I’ve thought about vacuuming mine. We have a mobile groomer that comes to the house and goes after her with what they call the “furburator”. Apparently it sucks a sweater’s worth of undercoat off them in one application. Hysterical.

  4. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspired Blogger Award because you inspire me with your wisdom, insight, and humor. Congratulations, and thanks for the madness of your blog!

  5. Hate to be contrarian but…. I am a dog person. The girls refer to anybody who has a cat as a CF (Cat Follower). This sums up the relationship between feline and human pretty well.

    • My parents had Golden Retrievers. One was psychotic and the other just plain silly. And the ironic thing was that they were both really pointers. I mean they would go after a stick or a ball but never retrieved. They just stood there staring at the thrown object, pointing at it. No matter what they never bought the sodding things back.

  6. None of my three cats would ever stand for being vacuumed. The youngest one does fetch and open doors though. Love your blog…I’m going to start following!

  7. Wow. You just made me bust out laughing and then horrified me in one blog post!

    I’m not a cat person, but I agree with you: any cat that can be vacuumed is a cat for me! And that is really disturbing about your neighbors. Do you know what happened to them afterwards? Did they end up as the inspiration for an episode of Criminal Minds?

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