If you’re having a bad day…

…check this lot out. They will make you feel so much better about your life.

Want to see more?

Enema? I thought you said did I want to be on cinema!

These photos are from the Daily Mail, the UK’s premier quality online paper.

Want another? Okay.

Hutch about to do a ‘Falling Down’

Read the entire, in-depth analysis of family photo mega-fails here:

Photos that will cheer you up

Mind you the people who take these photos should be locked up, sued or something. And what are the families thinking? They’re the same people who encourage their talentless children to stand in front of Simon Cowell and watch while their fragile egos are systematically destroyed.

But its fun. So fun.

20 thoughts on “If you’re having a bad day…

  1. You were absolutely right! I feel better about myself!! Those are hysterical, When I was in hight school I went to a party and at the house they had a family photo on the wall above the TV. Picture this…..Mom, Dad, Pre-Teen daughter in 80’s style clothes and the teen son standing in the back with no shirt on, gold chain & mullet!!!NO SHIRT HAHAHA I’ll never forget it & I wish they had camera phones then:)

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