Revisiting a Woman’s Handbag

You may or may not know it, but there is a wicked little widget on your WordPress account that lists all the search terms people have entered en route to your blog.

900 people have found Happiness Stan using Google, Bing and whatnot. They’ve used search terms like ‘is london bigger than new york’ and ‘keep food and drink away from the computer’. But the most intriguing search terms I have seen relate to the Pandora’s Box that is the contents of a woman’s handbag:

Now I posted about my wife’s handbag back in early February. Since then 36 internet users have found that post typing in various search terms.

Most are of the innocuous variety e.g ‘what’s in woman’s handbag’. But there are some juicy morsels for your consideration, such as:

  • why is my husband always in my purse
  • whats so bad about looking in a womans purse
  • a woman’s purse is like a box of chocolate
  • is it okay for a man to go into a woman’s purse
  • where things go in a womans purse
  • why should men never look in a woman’s purse
  • things you would find in a woman’s handbag starting with o
  • i love to carry my wifes purse

What causes people to search for these things? Can you imagine the domestic scene that led to someone typing this?

‘Don’t ever go in my handbag again’!

‘Yes dear’. (Why can’t I go in her handbag? I need to look that up.)

So take a look at your search engine summaries – any juicy, weird searches in there you’d like to share?

23 thoughts on “Revisiting a Woman’s Handbag

  1. dough! Mine is so boring. The odd one I found was “world of sport long jumperโ€™s โ€˜supermanโ€™ moment goes wrong”, I have never blogged anything remotely related to this, but I remember reading the article and Facebook captured it in my timeline. Spies on my PC, we are not alone!

    • Can you imagine some big brother is making unpleasant remarks about someone’s girlfriend and little brother overhears that remark and Googles it to find out what it means. Obviously it could be big/little sister talking about a boy – I’m not being sexist or anything

  2. Dad and I have been looking at our search terms over the last while with some very amusing results. Following a conversation about it, I’ve got both myself and my sister Googling his name with obscure and insulting things to click through to his blog. The next time he checks his stats, he’s in for a surprise ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I’ve never noticed anybody coming to my blog with anything odd like that. I do get an awful lot of people searching for “chicken spaghetti” – I sure hope mine fits the bill lol.
    I get a lot of searches that sound like homework questions on my (on hiatus) literature blog, lol.

      • Yeah, most of my classmates in high school were big fans of Spark Notes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure it happens in college too, but nobody I knew then did it at least. I do try to avoid the kinds of things that teachers deal with, when I’m writing on that blog.

  4. Awesome! This happens to be one of my favourite hobbies!

    My favourite search terms so far are:
    “How to cook frog meat soup”
    “Is boiled pork skin harmful?”
    “danny dyer”
    “sugar elastic in malaysia in 2012”
    “marmite thermometer” WTF?!
    and “disappointed face” awwwww – they probably could have just looked in the mirror after stumbling upon my blog.

    Anyway, I am going to see if I can find out what a marmite thermometer is now…

    • They are great – epecially disappointed face – you can just some kid not getting what he wanted for his birthday and then his horrid father saying ‘whats with the disappointed face’ and the kid, being a bit thick, looks it up on google cos he doesn’t know what his old man means.

    • Just stick some random sentences in the there like ‘today I decided to see whether I could make a silk purse out of a pigs ear with a couple of chops and a few lumps of truffle. You’ll get all kind of weirdos!!!!

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