Seafood Chowder with San Francisco Sourdough Bread

Mid-week feeding can be quite difficult. Thinking up something to eat that doesn’t involve 3 hours of preparation and also doesn’t involve picking up a phone and ordering sweet and sour chicken balls. Well here’s an easy enough quick fix: Seafood Chowder (no mussels in this one)

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Starbucks – Thrashing the Customer Experience to Death?

So in the UK we like to keep ourselves to ourselves.

Its coffee, not my friend. Except when I’m hungover.

We queue patiently for our coffee, we then order our coffee (assiduously avoiding the terms ‘Tall, Grande & Venti’ in preference to Small, Medium & Large) then we say ‘No, I don’t want anything else’ and then we pay.

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French Cooking – and I Can’t Speak French – oo la la!

For Christmas my French sister-in-law gave me a recipe book.

So what, you might ask. Well, its in French. Now I haven’t gone near that language since I was 13. My mother, at the time, said:

‘Sure son, you can take Art at ‘O’ Level (the school exam you took at 16 in the 80’s)…so long as you do French too’.

‘But Mum I don’t get French, I can’t (won’t) do it!’

‘Well fine, you have to do Chemistry instead’.

So I took Chemistry (which turned out to be a bloody useless qualification) and never learnt French.

So there I was this weekend with a cookbook that I couldn’t read and a big piece of lamb. Enter the ‘Adventurous Eater’ – an 11 year old with superior Googling skills. I got him to intepret a recipe for lamb. I knew it was lamb because of the picture in the book. Anyway down to business. To create Moroccan Lamb (well its spicy and fruity anyway) you’ll need a bunch of spices and dried fruits and some lamb:

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Goat’s Cheese and Potato Tart

In my ongoing quest to create interesting things that do not contain meat, (Had I not mentioned that particular quest before? No? Okay I confess I just made it up but with a vegetarian in the house its kind of a good idea), the issue often comes down to cheese.

Cheese is a difficult one – it can be tasty but its also in no way particularly good for you and can overpower everything else in your dish if you’re not careful (speaking from experience here).

Goat’s Cheese is perfect though – its light, holds its shape a bit when cooked and doesn’t taste like its been sitting in a damp cupboard for three years. Perfect partnered with herbage on pastry.

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I could not handle this

Aatos Beck 2


Halloween-achtige taferelen in het Australische Wagga Wagga. Door de regenachtige weersomstandigheden heerst er een overvloed aan spinnen. Complete weilanden zijn bedekt met een dikke laag spinnenwebben.

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Halloween-like scenes in the Australian Wagga Wagga. Due to the rainy weather there is an abundance of spiders. Complete meadows are covered with a thick layer of cobwebs.

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