Around the World in 80 Beers Part 3 – Cough Syrup Ale

So I have committed myself to trying 80 different beers before I die. But to be honest beer is what beer does – its windy and gets a bit predictable. So I went off piste so to speak for this installment – and made a bit of a schoolboy error – I tried a ‘new beverage’ sitting proudly on display at our local off licence:

I should have realised something wasn’t right. I got a free jam-jar-with-a-handle. ‘Jeremiah Weed’ is a ‘sour brew mash’ containing bourbon. Or something like that.

It looked okay:

But unfortunately it reminded me of those lost years – you know between the ages of 14 and 18 when you roamed the local streets with a bottle of Thunderbird in one hand a packet of Silk Cut in the other.

Back then alcohol was an experiment (not a lifestyle-cum-prop like it is now haha!)  – and you usually ended up being sick at the end of each experiment. No wonder. Thunderbird was (and I’m assuming still is) disgusting. Cheap, sweet and reminiscent of childhood medicine – think Calpol.

So imagine my surprise when I tired Jeremiah Weed! It brought back those happy memories of childhood once again.

Now I’m intrigued. Is this stuff what American youth are consuming in dimly lit parks in suburbia? Or is this the height of uber-cool and I’m just plain dumb about it?

Whatever I’m sticking to white wine. It has no calories and extends your lifespan by several decades.

23 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Beers Part 3 – Cough Syrup Ale

    • I’ve got some lined up in the fridge for future around the world beer adventures (actually i finished one off but cant remember what it was like so i cant post about it)

  1. Youngsters around here have a variety of 40 oz (forty’s) beers to choose from. None of them have any redeeming qualities and are strictly designed as a low cost drunk. I will stick with wine and good beer.

  2. Did you ever have Tripple Vintage cider. It came in a half gallon bottle with a John Wayne type shoulder drinking handle at the top. My first time getting ossified was when I drank a bottle of this stuff with a tin of Andrews Liver Salts tipped in. We were men! I was 16. I don’t think I was ever as drunk since, not for the want of trying.

  3. Ah, yes….brings back the days of “Boone’s Farm Apple”….a unique blend of apple juice and wine. I haven’t seen this conconction over here in the US….evidently it’s made and packaged just for you Brits.

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