London versus New York – Is my Skyscraper Bigger than Yours?

London is a very old city. Its been around since before the Romans. But it is also rather flat. Compared to New York any rate. But things are changing. In the 1980’s Canary Wharf popped up in Docklands. We’ve also got an Erotic Gherkin. And we’ve got a couple of other interesting buildings like ‘Boris’ Testicle’.

But now London is getting serious. Welcome ‘The Shard‘:

No idea whats with the weird freaked out wall of light

Its amazing how this thing has sprouted. One minute its not there and then the next its rising above the capital’s busy commuter station at London Bridge.

Its the tallest building in Europe at 310m. But lets not get too cocky the Burj Dubai is two and a half time as tall and the good old Empire State Building will still top it at 381m.

But size isn’t everything – its what you do with it that counts and this temple to progress has the usual mix of apartments, offices and a big hotel. Fancy a view across 44 miles of London? It’ll set you back about £20 million. Thats £4,000 a square foot.

But for all those out there who pine for the good old days don’t worry. Just a few yards to the left of this shot we found this tunnel, full of smoke and the smell of fried food

Jack the Ripper lived down here. No, really.

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