Morph – Wallace and Gromit’s Ancestor

I’m sure most people know who Wallace and Gromit are. But do you know who inspired them? It was Morph. Morph was a plasticine creation that graced childrens’ TV back in the 1970’s. And of course he’s back, because the world has gone nuts for nostalgia. For Christmas I got the kids (yeah right it was for the kids) a ‘Make your own Morph’ kit. Here’s how it went:

Home-made Morphage – he’s going to kick ass on Call of Duty

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Sticky Juicy Ribs with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Did I mention the time I had Roast Beef ‘States-Style‘? It reaffirmed to me that if you want to eat meat then you need to take some cues from our cousins over the water. Believe me US Roast Beef is nothing like the dried up leather Grandma served up on a Sunday in the good old days.

Anyway I decided to try my hand at another classic piece of Americana – Spare Ribs.

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