Around the World in 80 Beers Part 2 – USA v USSR

Previously on ‘Around the World in 80 Beers‘…

…it was commented that the US produces many beverages superior to Budweiser. Samuel Adams was suggested. So was PBR. Amazingly I found some Sam Adams in a corner of the local supermarket here in the UK. So I thought I’d put it to the test against the old enemy – Russia!

So pitched against Mr Adams is ‘Baltika’ a premium lager direct from St Petersburg. Lets check that on a map:

So whats the deal with the Russian lager? Well it looks like lager, all pale and fizzy. Didn’t taste of much though. But it comes from a city that is known as the ‘Venice of the North’ so it gains kudos for that and gets a rating of 3 out of 5.

Samuel Adams looks and tastes more like an ale than a lager. But it does taste good. However it comes from a city that dumped good British tea into the Atlantic and kicked off the American Revolution. So it loses a point and also scores 3 out of 5.

A tie! May the Cold (Beer) Wars continue!

Anyone got a pint of Stella?

28 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Beers Part 2 – USA v USSR

  1. The picture of ale of the god’s caught my eye, but sadly once I was diagnosed with Ceilac’s Disease, my beloved beer was stripped from my menu. Thankfully, they have begun making gluten free options! Are there any where you are? (I am across the pond). If so, have you tried them? They are made from such ingredients as “sorghum”, and aren’t actually bad at all!

  2. Sam Adams was a good American choice (Sorry about that Revolution thingy).

    Never had a Russian beer.

    But when I was on ferry in the Baltic Sea, we bought a plethora of Russian champagne for about $1.50 a bottle mostly just to shake it up and shoot the corks at each other. Tasted like crap.
    I learned how to say “Damn Americans” in Swedish !!!

  3. This reminds me of when the Olympics came to Salt Lake in 2002. I live in Park City, where most of the games took place, and the beer in Utah is 3.2 alcohol content, which is not much. It’s more like carbonated hops without the buzz (so why bother, right?). Anyway, all the European guests couldn’t understand why we called this beverage ‘beer.’ “This isn’t beer,” they’d say. “Where can I get REAL beer?” And we locals would all point to Wyoming.

  4. I’ve become a fan of stronger flavored ale that is made in small batches for limited times (like Winter Ale)… it sure makes it more interesting when beer doesn’t just taste like the stuff we bought by the ton when we were teenagers! These both look like they’re worth trying:)

  5. Hmm, I have some Grolsch and some Badger’s Hopping Hare in the house … Stella is normally the culprit but discounts make the tastier Grolsch much more attractive – or am I desperately offending here?!? And Theakston’s Old Peculiar Ale is a pretty serious competition as far as my hubby is concered!!

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