Mixing Up the Seasons with PowerPoint

Winter is almost done in Southern England.  We do love to make a drama out of a non-crisis. So the recent snow caused all kinds of ‘impending doom’ warnings, sadly none of which came to pass.

However I did take the opportunity to take some photos of our little place before and after some snow. And then got busy with PowerPoint to create some integrated shots:

What you’re looking at here is an old school that has been converted into apartments (you might notice one of the windows has been replaced by a big board. We’re not sure what that’s about, maybe the occupants had a bit of a tiff or something).

Anyway here’s the same photo but in reverse.

Before the school was built (many, many years ago) the plot was a farm and in front of it was a large pond (which was eventually filled in and our house was built on top of it – about 120 years ago).

Anyway this slightly strange post is a simple exercise in demonstrating the power of Powerpoint!

16 thoughts on “Mixing Up the Seasons with PowerPoint

  1. Nice view, wish I could live in a place like that – dramatic, apocalyptic weather and all – instead of a big city. Perhaps someday.
    Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my blog as well.

    (heh… power of powerpoint..)

  2. In my second to last job my title was Power Point Expert. Used to make me smile. When I went for the interview they wanted me to imbed a video in a presentation. I put a disco cartoon getting killed by a disco ball. They hired me. Amazing. It’s beautiful where you live. Would love to see more of England.London wasn’t enough.

  3. Small or not, it’s a pretty scene. The dreaded PowerPoint…yours is a good example of what can be done appropriately…check out YouTube for a video on bad PowerPoints. I don’t recall the title right now but it does capture all PowerPoint sins.

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