What’s Inside a Woman’s Handbag?

WTF? Am I serious? Yes. My wife decided she needed to wash, yes wash, her handbag. In the washing machine. Don’t ask. Anyway I took the opportunity to photograph the event. For posterity.

Not too scary. From a young age I was taught, ney ordered, never to go anywhere near a woman’s handbag. ‘Can you get my hairbrush darling? It’s in my handbag’. Forget it, I’m going nowhere near it. The contents here don’t look too scary. But what’s with the passport. Were we thinking of going somewhere? Darling…?

35 thoughts on “What’s Inside a Woman’s Handbag?

  1. Women seem to be required to carry the entire contents of Kmart with them wherever they go. According to an article in the Daily Mail, the average woman has 40 items in her handbag. I have quizzed my girlfriend on the contents of her handbag and her answer is that she needs to be “prepared for any situation”.

    Well, why not chuck a jackhammer in there because there is a small possibility that you could be trapped in a rockslide. Or maybe a rocket launcher so that if an elephant falls from the sky you can blow it up before it lands on you.

    Read more http://irkitated.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/girls-what-is-in-your-handbag.html

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  3. Haha! I teach my boys (and hubby) to stay out of my purse too. Granted, my purse is the size of the average womans wallet and the size of my mothers change purse (that thing could fit all four of my children in it!). I like to keep it a mystery – it’s the one place that’s ALL MINE!

  4. I stopped carrying a purse when my kids grew up ~ I can’t stand them. Probably because I put everything but the kitchen sink in it. Now I just carry my wallet, my phone, and my keys in my pockets. Everything else stays home…even on vacation 🙂 Great post!!!

  5. My husband used to have me carry all his stuff. Over time he has increasingly become more of a Boy Scout and is prepared for any moment of impromptu urban hiking. Hand sanitizer? He has it. Lips are dry?…he has lip balm. Are you thirsty? He’s got water. Instead of burdening me with more and more stuff, he’s taken to carrying a “murse”. I love it as I’ve noticed that MY handbag has gotten much lighter! As for the passport: Never Leave Home Without It!

  6. I don’t have anywhere near that amount of stuff in my bag. I have never understood why some ladies feel they have to take everything in their bathroom with them.

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I’m glad you liked the recipe for poached salmon. Love your post about your wife’s handbag. I live in Virginia, and have never called that thing I carry my stuff in a pocketbook. But then I moved here from Ohio, where it is called a purse. I much prefer handbag, but then I’m an Anglophile. Incidentally, I’ve been thinking of writing a post about my handbag singing French chansons…I suppose I have to now that I’ve announced it. Do look for it!

  8. I live in Texas…..we don’t carry a handbag, we carry a purse. I argued this point when I moved to Virginia in 1999, all the women there carried a “pocketbook”…..I informed them that when I moved back to Texas, if I said “pocketbook” I’d get laughed outta town. LOL

  9. My hubby is quite comfortable going into my handbag and I’ve always found that very strange. Having said that, we now live in Spain and, here, men carry bags, so that means I can go into his whenever I like!

  10. I am surprised that there is no hair dryer, the thing called GHD or a block of goats cheese. My eldest daughter has those in hers, or so I am told. I too avoid going near such things.

  11. My mom, many years ago, told me that no man should ever peer into a woman’s handbag (or purse as we call it in Texas). To this day when my wife asks me to get something from her purse I get very nervous as if I am doing something illicit.
    great post

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