Beef Rendang with Aromatic Rice

Rendang is a sort of Oriental meat curry dish originating in Indonesia. According to Wikipedia it was voted as one of the ‘World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods’ as polled by CNN (Now how did I get that off Wiki when today is the day they blacked it out?)

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Milk and Cookies

In the UK you can buy biscuits (things like ‘Digestives‘ that are as crunchy as hardboard and look like the kind of food they ate on ships in the 19th Century) and you can buy cookies – gooey, sugary and generally delicious. The ‘Fussy Eater’ decided he wanted to try making cookies so off we went and bought up a half-ton of chocolate.

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Filo Fantasies

When I first met my wife I soon realised she wasn’t joking about her vegetarianism. This dish, the first she created for me, introduced me to the wonderful world of filo pastry.

Filo is delicate and flaky (unlike me of course) and must be treated with care.

Pray to the filo God…

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